BLACKLISTED: Cancer-killing combo will put your oncologist out of business

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer. And you’ve never needed your doc more.

But conventional docs across the country are failing their cancer patients.

Too many people we love AREN’T surviving their cancer. They’re not living LONGER… and they’re not living BETTER.

America is losing the cancer battle.

But we should be winning it — because there’s a natural breakthrough that’s WIPING OUT CANCER with practically NO side effects.

And I can GUARANTEE you’ve never been told about it.


The cancer-destroying duo

You already know about one underground cancer cure that I’ve shared with you before.

High doses of intravenous vitamin C create hydrogen peroxide in your body, which is TOXIC to cancer cells.

But there’s a new twist…

Once you add another vitamin to the solution, you end up with one of the most powerful cancer-killers on the planet.

That’s what the CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico found with an innovative cancer treatment they call Apatone.

It’s mostly vitamin C… combined with vitamin K3.

Now, vitamin K on its own can kill certain types of cancer cells – namely, breast, lung, colon, liver, and blood cancers (among others).

But when even just a little bit of it is added to vitamin C – to create the Apatone formulation, also known as CK3 — it can prolong your life more than either vitamin by itself.

And more importantly, CK3 can help you live longer than you would on chemotherapy.

Sure, chemo drugs have been shown to kill cancer cells. But chemo poisons all your other cells, too!

Which means that chemotherapy can end up DESTROYING your health.

Another problem is that chemo doesn’t always work – at least, not on every kind of tumor.

But CK3 can work when other treatments fail.

In one study on 15 end-stage prostate cancer patients – those who’d essentially received a death sentence by the mainstream — only one person died during a 14-month period of treatment with CK3.

And the side effects were ZILCH, even at high doses.

Plus, CK3 doesn’t just wipe out cancer with blunt force. It also “reprograms” the cancer cells, forcing them to kill themselves.

And if you still want to use conventional treatments like chemo, you can – CK3 actually makes tumors more receptive to chemo meds (so you need less of them).

So why isn’t EVERYBODY shouting about CK3 from the rooftops?

The truth of the matter is, American oncologists don’t WANT to win the war against cancer.

Cheap vitamins… less chemo meds… it would practically put them out of business!

But there are brave doctors, like the docs at CHIPSA and other clinics, that are taking the plunge. You can learn more about CK3 (a.k.a. Apatone) at the CHIPSA website, at