America’s top skin problem gets a DANGEROUS new treatment

Like tongue twisters? Try this one on for size: Tildrakizumab!

The feds just approved this unpronounceable new medication for folks battling plaque psoriasis.

I have to wonder if anyone at the agency actually SAID it… or if they just WROTE it down (even then, they risked burning out the spellcheck).

The FDA claims that the injectable drug can ease the worst of the itching, scaling, burning, and bleeding that have more than 7 million Americans practically at their wit’s end.

But if you think the crazy name is a landmine, you should see what this will do to your body!

The tongue twister that strangles your body’s defenses

Since psoriasis is an immune condition, Tildrakizumab “works” by slapping your immune system around.

It’s left so woozy that, yes, it can stop messing up your skin and ease the worst of the symptoms.

Close to 3 out of 4 patients who try it get at least 75 percent relief, as measured by the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index.

But if you’re suffering from the “heartbreak of psoriasis,” don’t sign up for this drug just yet.

Having your immune system knocked for a loop might be GREAT for your skin. And that can be tempting when the weather is warm and you want to break out the sleeveless dresses and short-sleeved Tommy Bahama button-downs.

But it’s also great for viruses, bacteria, and anything else looking for the teeniest door to crack open and make you sick!

With your defenses down and dizzy, infections can hit you and hit you HARD – setting the stage for something WORSE than the flaky skin that drives you nuts itching and scares away small children that see the red patches.

You could get a dangerous infection (probably with a germ just as hard to pronounce).

Your immune system gets so suppressed, in fact, that docs have to test you for TB before you take the drug in case the bacteria have been hiding out inside your body and waiting for a chance to strike.

What’s absolutely stunning about this – and, quite frankly unconscionable – is that there’s ALREADY a treatment that can deliver the SAME level of relief.

And then some!

Phototherapy, which as the name implies is just ordinary light therapy, is proven to deliver real and lasting relief.

A 2016 analysis found that up to 75 percent of patients with moderate psoriasis all the way up to the most severe cases get at least 75 percent improvement on the very same scale.

That’s the EXACT SAME effectiveness as the shot that puts your immunity in a straightjacket. But there’s no real risk of major side effects… and no infections.

You’d have to be insane to choose the drug!

The only downside is that your treatments can take 15 to 20 minutes, as opposed to the half of a second spent getting the injection.

On the flipside, one of the drug’s most common side effects is diarrhea, so you could easily end up losing that 15 to 20 minutes – or more – in the bathroom.

Better stock up on reading material!

Wouldn’t you rather be reading that book under the glow of a phototherapy light and without having to cry out for more toilet paper?

If you have this skin condition and haven’t tried light therapy yet, speak to a doc who can set you up with the treatments ASAP.

And definitely make that call BEFORE you trip up your tongue – and your immune system – over this dangerous new drug.