Best way to avoid the flu: ignore FDA’s ‘advice’

If you’ve managed to dodge coming down with something this winter, congratulations!

But even if you’ve succeeded in staying well and avoiding the flu, I’m sure that you have friends, family members, and coworkers who haven’t. It sure seems like an awful lot of people have been out sick in the past few months.

Of course, this year’s dud flu shot, which was even less effective than usual, didn’t help. But instead of making apologies for that disaster, FDA head Scott Gottlieb has been barking up another tree by warning us to steer clear of anything claiming to help you stay healthy and flu-free that hasn’t been “reviewed” by his agency and found to be “safe and effective.”

By taking that advice, however, you’ll not only be at the mercy of Big Pharma’s risky and useless products, but you’ll be missing out on some of the best remedies available that can help you both avoid and recover from the flu.

Pot, meet kettle!

You’ve got to hand it to Gottlieb. Despite the FDA’s continued approval of a parade of dangerous flu vaccines that don’t work and its perpetual endorsement of that other very risky failure, Tamiflu, he wants us to watch out for “fraudulent” flu treatments.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

He goes so far as to list ways to spot these supposed health frauds. For example, any non-prescription products that claim to be able to lessen flu symptoms, boost your “immunity naturally,” help you recover faster, or support “your body’s natural immune defenses” so that you don’t catch the flu are highly suspect!

But that advice, to put it nicely, is absurd. In fact, if you took it literally, you would be setting yourself up for not only the flu, but a host of other illnesses and diseases.

Want to naturally boost your immunity? Well, if we listened to Gottlieb, we would miss out on what’s known to be one of the best ways to do that: by taking zinc.

While you may only think of zinc when you feel the sniffles coming on, research has found that even though it’s at the end of the alphabet, it should be your first line of defense against the flu!

Several years ago, an important study out of Tufts University found that even among seniors with poor immune function, taking a zinc supplement activated their bodies’ own flu-fighting “killer T cells.” When enough T cells are on duty, they can nip the flu virus in the bud!

And you don’t want to wait until an infection takes over before getting the benefits of this important “trace” mineral, which is found in foods such as oysters, scallops, and shrimp, along with grass-fed beef topped with another good source – mushrooms. As for a zinc supplement, the recommended daily dose is around 15 mg a day and shouldn’t exceed 25 mg on a regular basis.

But if you do come down with the flu, what can you do to ease symptoms and get back on your feet faster? The answer to that definitely isn’t Tamiflu!

Instead, you should try a natural antiviral – an extract of the fruit from the elderberry shrub called Sambucus. Despite the fact that the FDA doesn’t include elderberry on its official list of remedies, numerous studies have found that it can do exactly what Tamiflu pretends to be able to do — and that’s provide fast relief from symptoms, up your flu-fighting antibodies, and even prevent the virus from reproducing.

You can find Sambucus as a capsule, syrup, and even in gummy form. (I prefer the syrup added to tea or taken right off the spoon, which is quite delicious!)

And there are many more natural health-boosters you can use, not one of which has the official FDA seal of approval.

So, instead of a flu shot, think of vitamins C and D, probiotics, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil, which are all top ways to stay flu-free — compliments of Mother Nature’s pharmacy!

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