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Fluoride found to be even more dangerous than we knew

When there’s a baby on the way, you know how every little thing a mom touches is carefully scrutinized.

From deciding what’s for dinner to taking a pill for a headache, being pregnant means whatever you do, you’re doing for two!

But while moms — even the most careful ones — believe they know what to avoid to keep their babies as healthy as possible, there’s one thing they’re not being told about.

A toxin that most Americans swallow every single day… whether they want to or not.

It’s none other than fluoride — a chemical that flows out of the tap in approximately two-thirds of U.S. homes.

Now, a new study has just been published telling how when a pregnant women ingests this toxic substance, it can have serious and permanent effects on her baby.

The only good news here is that it’s possible to limit fluoride intake by making just a few changes. And these are ones that will absolutely benefit your health whether you’re a man or a woman, or young, old, or in-between.

The scam of the century

Spit, don’t swallow.

That’s what it says to do on every dental product containing fluoride. And if an amount is swallowed, it also says to contact a poison control center immediately.

But of course, once this chemical is added to our water supply, it’s just safe as can be, right?

As an eAlert reader, you know that’s plain and simple hogwash — the greatest health scam ever literally shoved down the throats of millions.

Now, however, there’s another reason to avoid fluoride like the plague.

Researchers from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto measured the fluoride levels of 300 moms in Mexico and tested the development and IQ of their children by following them for a full 12 years.

They found a significant drop on IQ tests in those kids for every 0.5 mg (per liter) increase in fluoride detected in the mother’s urine during her pregnancy.

Some important things to know — so you can put those findings into perspective — include:

  • An expert on the topic commented that the fluoride levels detected in the moms’ urine were high, but they were “not crazy high.”
  • We have no idea what the fluoride levels are for pregnant women in the U.S., as no such testing has ever been done.
  • Fluoride is not deliberately added to the water in Mexico, whereas in America, municipalities that add the chemical — assuming they follow EPA guidelines that were recently lowered — do so at around 4 mg per liter. The moms in this study got fluoride from fluoridated salt, supplements, and, in some cases, the naturally occurring content in their water.

Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a pediatrician at New York University Langone Health, commented that this was a “very well-conducted study” — one that “raises serious concerns about fluoride” that’s added to our water supply.

Now, if this were the first time some bad news had come out about fluoride, it would be shocking enough. But seriously, this is just one more piece of evidence that should make the entire concept of deliberately adding a known poison to drinking water the most unthinkable and mind-boggling plan to ever come along.

Fluoride has also been found to disrupt thyroid function (which might explain this latest research, since that’s critical for brain development), contribute to bone fractures by destroying and reducing collagen levels, and cause cancer, including bone cancer. And, as other research has found, it doesn’t even seem to prevent cavities!

Dentist Michael Taras is quoted as saying, “If teeth are the only reason why you like fluoride, you better come up with a different reason.”

Well, there are no different reasons — which is why you need to do whatever it takes to be exposed to as little fluoride as you possibly can.

The top three ways to do that are:

#1: Find out if your tap water is fluoridated — and, if so, invest in a filter that can remove it, such as a reverse osmosis one.

#2: Don’t buy fluoridated bottled water. And ditch the fluoridated toothpaste (there are plenty of no-fluoride brands out there) and mouthwash! This is especially vital for kids, who tend to swallow these products more than adults do.

#3: Expect your dentist to give you the hard sell on fluoride treatments for your kids, grandkids, and even you. But don’t fall for it!

And if you know someone who is expecting a baby, please share this eAlert with them so they can start taking these steps during those critical months.

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