World-famous scientist issues warning about genetically modified vaccines

When the world’s smartest person starts sounding the alarm on vaccines, it’s time to take notice.

I’m sure you’ve seen Dr. Stephen Hawking on TV and in the news over the years. He’s the brilliant scientist who has been confined to a wheelchair for decades because of ALS — but he’s still figured out the physics behind everything from black holes to time travel.

But now Hawking is warning that one of the greatest threats to mankind — to the health and safety of everyone we know and care about — isn’t coming from the cosmos.

It’s coming from some of the most dangerous (and common) vaccines on the market today.

A dire prediction
For 30 years Stephen Hawking was the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. That’s the same job once held by Sir Isaac Newton.

He’s a certified genius — and probably the most famous scientist since Albert Einstein.

And what Hawking just revealed in a British television interview is scarier than the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen. He said that genetically engineered viruses are now one of the biggest threats human beings face.

Right up there with nuclear weapons.

You see, just like the GM food they want us to eat, Big Pharma has been genetically modifying viruses in vaccines for years. They’re combining deadly viruses into a single shot, and even mixing animal and human DNA.

These shots are called “recombinant” vaccines and they may be the biggest medical experiment ever conducted on human beings. The FDA has been approving them since 1986, even though these shots may have the ability to create new and deadly diseases we have no way to treat.

In fact, it’s already happening.

Places like India and Africa are seeing a resurgence in polio cases thanks to the oral polio vaccine (OPV). That’s because the three polio strains in the vaccine are mutating and combining into genetically-modified super viruses, allowing people who get the OPV to spread the disease to others.

And while that’s frightening enough, Big Pharma is regularly altering and playing God with viruses in our vaccines, mixing DNA from people, cows and even dogs. While we still don’t fully understand the long-term damage from these recombinant vaccines, what we’re already seeing is terrifying.

Here’s a look at just some of the genetically modified vaccines on the market today — and the risks we know about:

  • RotaTeq: This is supposed to protect babies from rotavirsues, and lots of kids get three doses before they even reach six months of age. But it’s actually made from a cross between cow and human DNA, and clinical trials found that infants are twice as likely to suffer seizures within the first two weeks after they get the vaccine.
  • Flucelvax: This new flu jab is being marketed like crazy this time of year. But what they’re not telling you is that it was actually made by combining human flu strains with kidney cells from a cocker spaniel! And while Flucelvax has only been around for a couple years, we already know that injecting ourselves with dog DNA is bad news. The vaccine nearly doubles your risk of a painful muscle condition called myalgia.
  • HPV vaccines, like Gardasil: I’ve told you stories about healthy, young girls who ended up paralyzed, unable to feed themselves and incapable of even attending school shortly after getting these shots. And currently, Virginia, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia require a Gardasil shot just to attend school.

And there are a whole bunch of new genetically-spliced recombinant vaccines coming down the pike, including one for measles.

Every time scientists try to warn us about the dangers of vaccines, the mainstream bends over backwards to call them quacks. But, trust me, nobody is saying that about Stephen Hawking.

You can check out this full list of approved vaccines and see which ones are recombinant and may have genetically engineered viruses. That way you can make sure you keep yourself and the people you care about far away.

Because what we’ve already learned about these genetically modified vaccines is scary — and the worst may be yet to come.

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