Top health researcher calls for ban on water fluoridation

The list of known side effects gets longer all the time: hypothyroidism, reduced IQ in kids, hip fractures, and even cancer.

Why, if this was a Big Pharma pill it would be covered in black box warnings!

But it’s not. It’s fluoride. The chemical that is added to the drinking water of 75 percent of us living in America.

Now, the director of health policy at a respected university across the pond is demanding an end to water fluoridation.

And he said something else that should give pause to every U.S. health official who claims that fluoride is necessary for healthy teeth.

Hard to swallow
There’s scant evidence that water fluoridation is good for kids’ teeth and no evidence that it does a thing for adults. Now we have chilling new confirmation that every sip of tap water could be doing serious damage to our bones.

And Stephen Peckham, the top health policy expert at Kent University in the U.K., wants the practice stopped. Now.

We can’t say with confidence that fluoride “is either safe or effective,” said Peckham, who has spent years researching the health effects of fluoride.

Professor Peckham also cleared away a lot of the fog behind the Great Fluoride Myth.

You see, despite the fact that fluoride has been added to our drinking water for over seventy years, the evidence that it works to prevent cavities — or that it’s even safe to begin with — just isn’t there.

Politicians made the decision to start fluoridating water “before statistics had been compiled on its safety or effectiveness,” Peckham said, and then looked “for evidence to support it.”

But what evidence we do have about fluoride isn’t pretty.
Just days ago I told you how any community that fluoridates its water is boosting the risk of hypothyroidism — that’s where your thyroid is underactive and dysfunctional.

If you cut your thyroid function like that, you open the way for a long list of health problems, from memory lapses to weight gain to depression and mood swings.

And this past spring, the Cochrane Collaboration, a global independent network of health professionals and researchers based in the U.K., weighed all the available evidence and found that fluoride-laced tap water does nothing for adults, and provides little cavity protection for children.

So much for dental health!

And it seems like these hazards just keep multiplying. Several other studies have revealed that kids exposed to heavy fluoridation tend to have lower IQs.

On top of that, in a recent study out of China, researchers were dumbfounded when they looked at the effects of fluoride on collagen, a crucial building-block protein that helps hold your whole body together — bones, muscle, skin — the works.

Their results showed that fluoride hacks away at skeletal bone by wrecking the network of collagen fibers and reducing collagen levels in bone.

And then there’s the risk of bone cancer. A study out of Harvard found that boys who drink fluoridated water from ages 6 to 8 (the growth spurt period) had a “significantly elevated” risk of coming down with a rare type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma in their teens.

U.S. health officials, however, don’t seem to be the least bit fazed by any of this. And the chances of the CDC ever reversing its opinion on water fluoridation appear as likely as seeing pigs fly.

Which means it’s up to us to cut as much of the fluoride out of our daily diet and routine as we can. If your water is fluoridated, either buy a filter that can remove it or use bottled water. Ditch the fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes. And don’t let your dentist sell you on a fluoride treatment.

Getting the fluoride out of your life may be one of the simplest New Year’s resolutions you can make to give yourself and your family a healthier 2016.

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