Statins only add 3-4 days to your life

Big Pharma will be trying to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge next!

I’ve been warning you for years how the mainstream, the drug companies — and even our government — are working to make sure every American adult who can swallow a pill is taking statins for cholesterol.

They’re even handing these meds out in nursing homes and hospice centers!

But if you’re depending on these billion-dollar drugs to add a few candles to your birthday cake, there’s a new study you need to know about.

Because researchers have finally taken a look at just how long statins can really extend your life.

And it looks like you can measure the difference in hours — not years.

Rough SEAs ahead
Someone needs to send the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force a spatula and a roll of paper towels.

Because when it comes to statins, this panel of so-called health experts has lots of egg on its face — again.

Just before Christmas, the USPSTF recommended that if you’re between the ages of 40 and 75, you should probably be on a statin.

And that includes people who have just a 10 percent higher risk of heart disease — which is just about all of us!

But while the USPSTF was keeping the airwaves busy shouting out the party line on these meds, a research team from Denmark was publishing a study that should keep statins out of your medicine cabinet for good.

They pored over years of research and found that even if you take your Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor faithfully, the time it will add to your life works out to an average of three to four days.

You read that right — three to four days! And just consider how many BILLIONS of dollars the drug companies made forcing these meds on us!

Even the Danish researchers must have been shocked by what they found as they commented that “the survival gains we found are surprisingly small.”

Yeah, well, that’s putting it mildly.

This highest survival rate this new study, published in the journal BMJ, found was a whopping 27 days. That’s less than a month, and it was only for people who had heart disease or had suffered a heart attack and took their statin meds for almost six years!

The researchers said that if patients were presented with this data, they believe that 70 percent would refuse to take the drugs.

Really? Just 70 percent?

When you look at the serious adverse events (SEAs) these meds are known to cause, I can’t imagine anyone accepting the risks of statins. Because the gruesome details show that statins can take away a lot more days of your life than they will ever add.

For example:

  • As I told you early this year, a study out of Japan found that stains “stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure.” In other words, statins don’t prevent heart disease, they cause it.
  • Statins trigger a very well-documented depletion of CoQ10, a source of power for your heart. The risk is so big that a public interest group even attempted to get the FDA to add a black-box warning to these meds alerting users to take a CoQ10 supplement along with a statin.
  • Statins can cause diabetes. In a large study this year, researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern found that even in “a very healthy population” statin use can trigger diabetes in a whopping 87 percent of users.
  • Other well-known SEAs caused by statins are cataracts, muscle pain and extreme fatigue.

The Danish researchers said that they hope that doctors aren’t “too insistent” that their patients continue to take statins if they start having any side effects from the drugs. Well, maybe in Denmark that’s the way things work. But we all know that getting most doctors to reverse their advice is harder than turning an oil tanker around.

Despite the fact that statins are the most prescribed drugs in the U.S., the illusion that they’re saving lives is nothing more than a Big Pharma sleight-of-hand.

And it’s up to all of us to start swearing off these meds, because it doesn’t look like this magic show will be ending anytime soon.
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