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'Health police' intruding on privacy to push risky HPV shots on kids

Are government spies tracking whether you’re getting your kids vaccinated?

Micah Clark never would have believed it could happen — until the day the letter showed up in his mailbox.

It was from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) and it was wondering why Clark hadn’t sent his daughter for an HPV vaccine, like Gardasil.

But the mailbox ambush wasn’t the worst of it. The letter revealed the existence of an Indiana database that tracks kids’ vaccination records — including those of Clark’s daughter.

These records should have been strictly private, but Indiana health officials used them to try and bully Clark and others into allowing their kids to be administered dangerous HPV shots.

And it’s not hard to guess who helped foot the bill for this creepy Big Government intimidation.

You and me and every other taxpayer.

Big Brother is watching
Imagine if some state bureaucrat showed up at your door to tell you why you really need to get your 12-year-old daughter or son vaccinated to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Why, you’d probably toss the guy off your porch!

That’s kind of what Micah Clark did when he took to the website of the American Family Association, of which he is the executive director, to vent about Indiana’s shameful program.

“Children are a gift from God, to parents,” he wrote. “They do not belong to the state.”

So why did Indiana state government track vaccinations and send a letter to the Clark family? Clark says it’s “because we chose not to vaccinate our daughter for a sexually transmitted disease.”

He’s got it half right.

The other reason is that our government and the mainstream are in deep partnership with drug giants to help market all kinds of drugs — especially some of the hardest ones to sell: HPV vaccines.

I’ve been warning you for years how HPV vaccines like Gardasil have been linked to horrific side effects like paralysis and even death. And how they may not prevent many types of cervical cancer in the first place.

They’re like playing Russian roulette with your kids!

And yet, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Physicians all recommend these dangerous and potentially useless HPV shots.

Those groups are prominently mentioned in the Indiana letter. And the ISDH seems proud as a peacock to be in cahoots with all these Big Pharma-connected organizations.

It’s as if Indiana health officials are saying, “You think you’re smarter than the CDC and the rest of these guys? Shut up, and get with the program!”
That isn’t just Big Government intrusion. These are Big Government bullies preying on those who still believe our leaders have our best interests in mind.

Believe it or not, in an earlier letter to parents, the ISDH actually claimed, “The HPV vaccines are very safe and highly effective.”

Many well-respected researchers around the world would call that an out-and-out lie. But you can bet that thousands of parents will read this propaganda printed on official state stationary and doubt their own good judgment in saying no to this awful vaccine.

Clark warns that this isn’t just an Indiana problem. Look for many more states to start spending our tax dollars on programs with deceptively cute names like CHIRP. Seriously, that’s the name for the Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program — the very program that contacts parents with these insulting letters.

Indiana does allow citizens to opt out of the registry. But most people don’t even know the registry exists! The opt-out form actually states, “Immunization data…may be included in the registry without individual, parent or guardian consent.”

That’s Big Government intrusion at its most devious. And it’s coming soon to a state near you — if it hasn’t already.


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