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HPV vaccine leaving kids writhing in agony

They’re glued to their beds in constant, crippling pain.

Many can no longer walk — and some struggle to even make a fist.

You’d think I was talking about seniors who’ve had their joints destroyed by a lifetime of arthritis. But these are young girls who haven’t spent their first day in high school yet.

And they’ve all had their tiny, healthy bodies destroyed by the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

A stunning report from a prestigious research hospital in Mexico has found that Gardasil is triggering a painful — and potentially incurable — disease identical to fibromyalgia.

Girls around the world are being left in non-stop agony. And they’re the latest proof that the mainstream and our government have been lying to us about the safety of Gardasil for years.

Looking for answersAutumn was a young, healthy teen with dreams of going to the prom and heading off to college — right until three shots of Gardasil destroyed her life.

She’s now spent five years battling excruciating migraines and pain in her chest, back, pelvis, legs, and knees.

And this former soccer star who used to practice four hours a day now can’t even go to school.

Autumn’s family has spent years looking for answers. But it turns out her case isn’t isolated — and it’s not exactly out of the blue.

In the research out of Mexico, scientists profiled 45 kids from around the world, including the U.S., who developed chronic, debilitating pain and fatigue after receiving an HPV shot.

Dr. Manuel Martinez-Lavin, the lead author on this study, said the condition is remarkably similar to fibromyalgia. And he ought to know — he’s one of the leading fibromyalgia experts in the world.

The research started when Dr. Martinez-Levin treated two girls who had an illness like fibromyalgia that struck shortly after they received an HPV shot.

The doctor said he had never before seen such a devastating and painful disease of the nervous system at such a young age.

And when he started digging around, Dr. Martinez-Lavin found that girls in chronic, debilitating pain were turning up in doctors’ offices all around the world.

In fact, earlier this year researchers from Denmark identified 53 Danish kids who had an HPV vaccine followed by “symptoms consistent with pronounced autonomic dysfunction.”

In other words, the shot attacked and shut down parts of their nervous systems, leaving them in constant pain.

These cases have been piling up in the U.S. for years. As I’ve told you before, the FDA has received thousands of reports on Gardasil through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

As of 2013 the number of serious side effects reported were just shy of 30,000. That included 136 deaths and more than 900 kids who are now disabled, possibly for life.

But our government and the mainstream couldn’t care less. Believe it or not, they’re claiming that just because kids ended up crippled after getting Gardasil doesn’t mean the shot caused it.

How else do they explain it? Alien abduction?

When it comes to protecting innocent kids from Gardasil, Autumn’s mom wants to know, “Where is the medical community now?”

I’ll tell you where they are. They’re out collecting cash from speaking engagements and do-nothing consulting gigs for HPV vaccine makers like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

In fact, right after this latest study went to print, Dr. Eduardo L. Franco from McGill University — a paid consultant for Merck and GSK — hit the airwaves claiming that some people have probably won the lottery after getting Gardasil. So maybe we should start associating the shot with good luck.

Have you ever heard anything so callous in your life? Do me a favor, Dr. Franco — head over to Autumn’s bedside and try to peddle that nonsense.

Sharing my own battle with HPV and cervical cancer was one of the most difficult and personal decisions I’ve ever had to make. But I wanted you to understand that there are ways to beat the disease without resorting to these dangerous — and even deadly — shots.

Now with states like Rhode Island getting ready to force Gardasil on every middle-school girl and boy, it’s never been more important to fight to keep this poison out of our kids.

This isn’t just about medical freedom any more. It’s about the right to protect our kids and grandkids from having their lives destroyed — or lost — thanks to a shot they don’t need.


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