GMOs unleashing an epidemic of liver and kidney disease?

One of the greediest corporations on the planet has just poisoned our water supply — and our government helped them do it!

Monsanto has spent years hiring million-dollar lobbyists and the best “scientists” money can buy to sell us on the safety of genetically modified foods (GMOs). Especially the toxic weed killer Roundup (glyphosate) that’s being dumped all over them.

But British researchers have just found the smoking-gun proof that glyphosate may be permanently damaging your liver and kidneys.

It’s all happening at levels thousands of time lower than what the EPA told us are safe. And if you’re not careful, the next time you drink a glass of water or brush your teeth you could be getting a mouthful of deadly poison.

Don’t drink the water!

Believe it or not, sometimes I hate being right.

When I first learned many years ago about Monsanto’s plan to genetically modify seeds so they could be bombarded with enormous levels of glyphosate, I knew that a two-headed monster was being created.

One with mutant crops on one side and deadly weed killer on the other.

But this experiment is turning out to be a much greater threat to your health — and even your life — than I ever imagined.

Just this past spring I told you about a frightening World Health Organization report that found that glyphosate probably causes cancer. But the nightmare was just beginning.

You see, three years ago French researchers fed different mixtures of GMO corn and tiny doses of glyphosate to several groups of rats. In practically no time, the little critters started developing cancer on their livers and kidneys — some cases linked to the glyphosate and some to the Frankencorn itself.

That was frightening enough — and it should be all the evidence you need to keep these GMOs off your table for good. But when British scientists took another look at the data, what they discovered was even more alarming.

It turns out that even miniscule amounts of glyphosate were causing dangerous changes to the genes in the rats’ livers and kidneys. Changes that can cause permanent and irreversible damage!

And here’s the worst part — the amounts we’re talking about are actually thousands of times lower than what our government allows in our drinking water.

That’s right — every time you take a sip of water, make a cup of tea, or boil a pot of spaghetti, you’re being literally poisoned with glyphosate!

“Normally when you see negative effects in these rats from a chemical treatment, then you get very worried,” said senior author Michael Antoniou. “And normally you would consider whether to approve the use of the chemical or not.”

Well, that would have been nice. But our government never asked for studies on the effects of low-level glyphosate exposure before approving GMO-ready crops in the 1990s. Farmers are now using 250 times more glyphosate than they were just four decades ago — it’s running into our rivers and streams and turning our water supply into a glyphosate cocktail!

And the damage isn’t just happening here. The herbicide has been a prime suspect in an epidemic of kidney disease in places like Sri Lanka, India and parts of Central America.

It’s no wonder companies like Monsanto — and their political friends — have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent GMO products from ever being labeled. It’s because they know the glyphosate they’re spraying all over these Frankenfoods is unsafe at any level!

Fortunately, there are three things you can do right now to protect yourself and your family from this glyphosate poison:

  1. Write your Senators and ask them to defeat the so-called Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act. This Monsanto-supported legislation, which has already passed the House, would kill your state’s right to label which foods are GMO and protect you from glyphosate.
  2. Buy a water filter for your home. A Dutch study a few years back found that a reverse osmosis system combined with a carbon filter (you’ll find both in the three-stage RO systems on the market) can take glyphosate out of your water.
  3. Look for food that’s been certified as GMO-free by the independent Non GMO Project. You can get a full list of brand name products on the organization’s website here.


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