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‘Paper or plastic' takes on a whole new meaning in California

Talk about a nanny state! And I do mean “state.”

Because California may soon take the top prize.

That state is on the verge of banning stores there from giving out the most reused, convenient thing there is — the plastic bag.

If Gov. Brown signs this bill, not only will stores be forbidden to give out plastic bags, but they will also now have to sell, yes sell, you a paper bag!

Give me a break! Not only will plastic be gone, but we’ll all have to pay for paper.

Of course, if banning plastic bags would save the world we would certainly be okay in making some sacrifices. But according to the real facts, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Paper produces more air pollution to make — 70 percent more than plastic! And studies show that paper manufacturing emits 80 percent more greenhouse gasses.

And that’s not to mention all the trees that need to be cut down to make paper bags, plus the fact that paper bags aren’t recycled half as often as plastic ones are.

But what this ban really looks like is just a way to make us buy something that once was free. Something that we all reused for lots of things every day (including cleaning up after the cat or the dog).

I wonder if Governor Moonbeam is ready for how dirty his streets are about to become…

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