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Big Food goes to court to block our right to know about GMOs

The lobbyists for Big Food have made good on their threat.

They’ve gone to federal court to try and stop Vermont from being able to require the labeling of those genetically engineered “Frankenfoods.”

Talk about “frivolous” lawsuits!

Vermonters were able to persuade their Legislature to pass the country’s first law that requires the labeling of foods containing GMOs this spring.

And that really ticked off Big Food.

So last week four big trade groups filed a lawsuit aimed at stopping the state from being able to label these scary GMO foods.

And how that case turns out will affect the whole country.

Because if the Vermont law holds up in court, GMO labeling is likely to become reality everywhere in the country. And other states will probably pass similar laws.

The lawsuit accuses Vermont of taking away the federal government’s “interest in uniform, nationwide standards for food labeling.”

Give me a break!

Up to now, the feds have showed zero “interest” in a GMO labeling standard. That’s why it’s now up to states like Vermont to see that these foods are properly labeled.

Obama himself made a campaign promise back in 2008 that he’d require the labeling of GMOs.

(Yeah…there are a lot of things he promised that we haven’t seen…)

The groups who are suing Vermont say they want the FDA to be in charge of any kind of labeling for GMOs.

And if that happens, well, you can just forget about ever being able to know if you’re buying that monster GMO salmon or even oranges with genes from a pig.

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