New study gives beer a healthier glow

You know how we’re always being told about the health benefits of drinking a glass of wine with dinner?

Well, now it appears that having a beer isn’t such a bad idea, either.

In fact, benefits include antioxidants that, like wine, can help keep your heart healthy and reverse damage to cells.

It’s even good for your muscles. Research done at Spain’s University of Granada found that beer in moderation is actually a better beverage for athletes than water.

But if you always buy the “lite” kind, you won’t be getting the same benefits. Darker brews have the antioxidant advantage, according to a recent study.

Of course this isn’t a green light to polish off a six-pack in one sitting.

But with that in mind, beer lovers can now lift a glass (or a bottle) to each other’s health just like their Chardonnay-toting friends.


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