The dangerous Rx they are trying to force on all of us

The headline said “breaking news.” But it’s more like heartbreaking news.

Because while more and more studies are showing us just how dangerous statins are, the vultures are circling more than ever.

And they are headed straight for your doctor’s office.

Big Pharma’s latest plans for selling statins is very targeted — with just about every single one of us in the crosshairs.

You know that old high cholesterol myth — the one that’s been drummed into us for years. Well, it didn’t seem to be selling enough statins to satisfy the profit-hungry drug makers. So their buddies at the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology put a “calculator” together to fix that problem.

That did away with the spin-the-wheel game of ‘cholesterol target numbers’ and replaced it with a simple seven-question quiz.

And wait until you see what that means for us…

The numbers — just published in the New England Journal of Medicine — show that practically all men over 60 and just about 50 percent of everyone else over 40 meet the new standards for a regular dose of Lipitor.

This is the first “independent” look at the impact of these new guidelines.

And it boils down to this — an immediate increase of over 13 million who will now “need” statins.

When the AHA and ACC “calculator” was first unveiled last year, experts from Harvard said it had “serious flaws” that could overestimate a person’s risk of heart disease by up to 150 percent. And they warned the heart groups about that over a year before this deadly ‘recalculation’ was released, saying it just didn’t work.

And the Harvard folks weren’t the only ones asking them to put the brakes on it. The top heart doc at the Cleveland Clinic also said it needed further evaluation before being “implemented on a widespread basis.”

And that’s probably because when statin sales go up, cases of diabetes go up with them.

In fact, a new study found that among statin users, one in every five new cases of diabetes was linked to the drug.

Let me say that again — one in five! And women appear to be much more prone to this diabetes risk than men. If they did a study using only women, who knows what that number would be?!

But that’s not the only known side effect. Others include impotence, cataracts, muscle pains, mental impairment, fatigue, and liver dysfunction.

And they want more of us to sign up for this than ever!

But over in the U.K. they’ve been sounding the alarm — loudly.

The deputy chairman of the British Medical Association has said that plans to increase statin use would “only benefit drug companies.” Others said they will urge their government to “reconsider its move” before it puts millions more Brits at risk.

One even likened it to keeping “people from dying from heart disease by pushing them off a cliff.”

We’re lucky the drug companies haven’t figured out how to charge our insurance companies for pushing us off a cliff…


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