Keep your dog safe from these rock salt dangers

You’ve seen the snow, the airport delays, and the 100-car pileups on the news. So you know that here on the East Coast (and in much of the country), this winter’s been a humdinger. And we still have a month to go!

We all know how dangerous a winter like this can be. Especially those invisible ‘slip hazards’ that seem to be everywhere when you’re just out walking your dog.

So naturally, you don’t want to skimp on ice-melting crystals. But sprinkling them on your steps and front walk can lead to more problems for Fido.

The rock salt or calcium-chloride crystals used to melt the ice can be hazardous to your pup’s health. And tracking those pellets inside can heat up them up to temperatures as high as 175 degrees.

So the ones that stick to your buddy’s fur and paws can actually cause skin burns, which can become infected.

But what can happen when your dog licks his paws can be even worse. Ingesting those pellets can lead to internal problems such as gastritis.

Either way, an emergency trip to your vet can be the result.

So to protect both yourself and your best friend, only use those ice-melting products that are labeled “pet friendly,” such as Safe Paw, Morton Salt Safe-T-Pets, or EcoTraction (which are also safe for the environment and your shrubs, decks, and asphalt).

That way, both of you can steer clear of the doctor’s office — or the ER — until spring has finally sprung.

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