Women AND men need to be aware of this significant breast cancer risk

Men, if you heard about the latest health risk linked to statin drugs, you might think your gender dodged the bullet.

Don’t bet on it.

New research shows that long-term use of statin drugs increases breast cancer risk.

But risk didn’t just increase — it DOUBLED. And this was for the most common type of breast cancer.

Mainstream media reports made a big deal about the fact that the study linked short-term statin use with reduced cancer risk. But that’s a crock. “Long-term” is the only way statins are used. Even when your cholesterol drops, you don’t stop taking the drug.

It’s a life sentence. (And a very good marketing strategy for Big Pharma…)

But I digress.

So…back to you men…

Guys who take statin drugs may not be at greater risk of breast cancer specifically. After all, it is pretty rare in men. But more than a decade of statin research has shown a strong association between low LDL cholesterol and cancer risk in general.

A few years ago, I first reported on one of those studies. The link between low LDL and cancer was clear. And what do statins do oh so well? They lower your LDL cholesterol.

Just one more reason to get off the Big Pharma statin carousel.

“Statins risk for women: Taking cholesterol-lowering drug for more than ten years ‘doubles chances of the most common breast cancer'” Pat Hagan, The Daily Mail, 7/19/13, dailymail.co.uk

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