As we now know, Big Brother really is watching, and drug companies are peering over his shoulder

Snow(den) Job–Big Pharma style

Your phone calls. Your e-mails. Texts. Online orders. Google searches. Everything.

Not only are your communications out there, but now we know the extent to which our Big Brother Government is tracking them.

And whether you think Edward Snowden is a traitor or a national hero, he’s uncovered a major assault on our freedoms.

Still, that assault pales in comparison to a new marketing scheme the giant drug companies have recently cooked up.

At least when the government does it, they’re doing it under the guise of hunting terrorists.

It seems Big Pharma is on the hunt too…for concerned moms and dads.

And they will stop at nothing to reprogram you.

Otherwise engaged

Imagine you’re deciding whether to get your daughter a Gardasil vaccine. Maybe you’d post your concerns on Facebook to get feedback or use gmail to ask a friend.

What you may not realize is you’ve just triggered a warning that would make George Orwell gasp.

In the UK, The Daily Telegraph reports that British and U.S. scientists have developed a “social media monitoring system.”

This monitoring system actually tracks personal discussions about vaccine dangers. Specifically, they’re looking for comments they categorize as “rumors, misinformation, and unscientific claims.”

Let me translate that for you… They’re going to flag any language that poses a risk to their propaganda-based messages and their sales goals.

Someone described as the “lead author” of the system told the Telegraph that analysis of vaccine comments can help governments know where specific vaccines “might need more tailored engagement strategies.”

Government? Engagement strategies!? That’s military speak…and certainly not something we need to subject our 9-year-old girls or their parents to!

How will this engagement work? Simple. They’ll categorize your comments as positive or negative. They’ll note your location. Then they’ll analyze your comments “according to their potential to disrupt vaccine uptake.”

And just like that, they could brand you as a “disruptive influence” in your community. If they perceive that as a problem, who knows what “engagement strategy” they might have in store for you?

This is a watershed moment.

And we’re beyond the point of return. At this point, disguising yourself online might be the only thing left you can do.

So do it.

Whenever possible, use an online name. And avoid giving your location and other personal facts. Especially if you’re commenting on anything that would pique Big Pharma’s concern and make them start digging into your private information even further.

(Yikes…something tells me I’m in real trouble here…)

“Monitoring system to globally track false social media claims on dangers of vaccines” Malcolm Holland, The Daily Telegraph, 5/13/13,

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