No flu shot? No worries!

No flu shot? No problem!

If you’re heading out with the crowds tonight, you might cross paths with someone who’s carrying a flu bug.

But if you’ve said, “No,” to a flu shot, don’t worry.

In a recent study in The Lancet, researchers reviewed several flu trials. Their data produced two key results…

1) When 100 adults don’t get a flu shot, less than three of them come down with the flu.

2) When 100 adults DO get the shot, 1.5 of them get the flu.

So the flu shot works… Kinda sorta. Slightly. Hardly.

What does work is hand washing. In fact, nothing works better than hand scrubbing several times each day.

Add some daily vitamin D, and you’re ready to face the crowds.

Be safe out there tonight. And have a very happy New Year.

“Efficacy and effectiveness of influenza vaccines: a systematic review and meta-analysis” The Lancet, published online ahead of print 10/27/11,

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