This might be the very worst medical mainstream proposal EVER

Here’s the headline that stopped me in my tracks…

“Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials be Mandated?”

Mandated? Unbelievable! And while that’s bad enough, here’s the scary part…

This didn’t originate in some backwater blog in the Internet wilderness. It was published in Virtual Mentor. And that happens to be the ETHICS journal of the American Medical Association.

If the AMA is seriously mulling it over, then this is exactly the kind of thing the CDC and the FDA might happily embrace.

Be afraid, my fellow guinea pigs. Be very afraid.

Risk benefit ratio

Apparently, there’s a chronic recruitment shortage for vaccine trials. So according to the Virtual Mentor article, compulsory involvement in these studies “is not as outlandish as it might seem.”

No. I would say it’s EXACTLY as outlandish as it seems.

Here’s how the argument goes…

Many of us are willing to benefit society in various ways. We donate our organs after death. We serve on juries. We give blood. We serve in the armed forces.

Therefore, we ought to be willing to roll up our sleeves and have Miracle Vaccine Potion #9 pumped into our bodies.

Hmmm. Since they put it that way, I would have to say… “NO! It’s still completely outlandish!”

You don’t risk your health by checking the organ donation box.

You don’t risk your health by serving on a jury or giving blood.

And even though you risk your health and might give your life by serving in the military, it’s not a compulsory service.

The argument goes on… “A key consideration is the risk benefit ratio — risk to the individual volunteer balanced against the benefit to society.”

Right. But that assumes that vaccines are uniformly beneficial to society. And there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

And let’s not forget the unmentionable “benefit.” Drug companies would reap fantastic profits from our sacrifice.

Which gives me an idea for a counter proposal.

If this insane plan should go forward, here’s what we’ll tell them when they come for you and me and our families. We’ll consider going along with mandatory vaccine trial participation. But only under the condition that the first people called will all come from these groups…

* Drug company executives, employees, and their families
* FDA officials, employees, and their families
* U.S. Congressional Representatives, Senators, and their families
* Every Big Pharma lobbyist and their families
* CDC officials and their families
* American Medical Association officials and their families
* And, of course… the editors of Virtual Mentor and their families

Get all of those groups to agree — in total — to be first line of mandatory guinea pigs. Then we can talk about including the rest of us.

I think that nonnegotiable condition would slam the door on any further talk of enforced participation in drug experiments.

“Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials be Mandated?” Virtual Mentor — the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, Vol. 14, No. 1, January 2012,

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