Public water fluoridation is a hot issue in two large U.S. communities

Portland…you just got weirder.

A few days ago, I told you about the Portland, Oregon, fluoride controversy. City officials claim that public water fluoridation is the only solution to the local “dental crisis.”

Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water fiercely lobbied against it.

So when it came time for a vote of the City Council last week, how do you suppose that went?

It was unanimous in favor of fluoridation.

Mayor Sam Adams said, “The science is on the side of fluoridation.” And I guess that’s true — as long as you ignore most of the science.

For instance…

A recent Harvard study linked high levels of water fluoridation to lower IQ scores in children. And even the CDC admits that excess fluoride exposure causes dental discoloration or damage in about 40% of U.S. children.

There’s science for you.

Members of the Oregon safe water group say they’ll petition for a referendum vote. So don’t count Portland out just yet.

Meanwhile, the “public water, public vote” concept will have its day in Wichita, Kansas, in the November election.

To the citizens of Wichita, I’ll send the same fluoridation message I sent to Portland a few days ago… “Don’t go there.”

I hope Wichitans get a healthier outcome than Portlanders.

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