Vitamin B3 mega doses may control antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Researchers might have solved the antibiotic-resistance problem with just one letter and one number… B3.

While experimenting with vitamin B3, researchers made a surprising discovery. They found that a B3 mega dose stimulates a specific gene. That gene then turns immune cells into infection-fighters.

Most importantly, these B3-fueled Terminators appear to be effective against MRSA. This is the deadly staph infection that’s resistant to antibiotics.

When B3 was tested in human blood, staph-killing power increased by 1,000 times.

So this makes B3 the SECOND non-drug treatment that appears to do what drugs cannot.

The other treatment, of course, is colloidal silver. As scientists have known for thousands of years, silver is nature’s original antibiotic. It’s also the best. Bacteria can’t develop resistance. Silver even controls the dreaded MRSA.

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