Reduce stroke risk with this magnificent mineral

It’s one of the nutrients you need to help keep your brain sharp.

That’s what I said recently about magnesium. At the time, I was writing about dementia. High magnesium levels reduce risk of cognitive decline.

New research reveals another magnesium benefit for the brain.

Researchers examined seven stroke studies. They found that every 100 mg increase in daily magnesium intake reduced stroke risk by 9%.

Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure. It also reduces insulin resistance. Researchers believe these effects play a role in stroke prevention.

Dr. Spreen recommends 500 mg of magnesium daily. That’s 45% stroke reduction right there. Then eat plenty of green vegetables, nuts, and whole grains to maximize your magnesium intake.

“Meta-Analysis Reveals Magnesium May Reduce Risk of Stroke” Lee Swanson Research Update, February 2012,