Some "experts" want to test the anthrax vaccine in kids -- utterly insane!

Dangerous prevention

Pigs must be flying over a blue moon. Because today I’m going to do something I rarely ever do. I’m going to agree with a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention policy.

Even stranger — it’s a vaccine policy!

As I’ve mentioned before, the CDC is practically a vaccine industry marketing department. So if the CDC doesn’t recommend a vaccine, you can be certain that something is very wrong.

Outside the comfort zone

What’s the likelihood of an anthrax attack?

Here’s a clue. So far, the number of anthrax attacks totals exactly one. And that’s only if you count the inept use of anthrax in the U.S. mail in 2001.

And yet, the government has wasted billions to develop BioThrax, an anthrax vaccine.

And if that sounds crazy, brace yourself for the REAL crazy…

A National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB) panel has recommended that Health and Human Services should begin testing BioThrax on kids younger than 18.

This is outrageously wrong for so many reasons.

Right now, BioThrax use is very limited. They give it to special military units. They also give it to workers in laboratories that handle anthrax.

And yet, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has received more than 7,000 reports linked to BioThrax. These include brain inflammation, seizures, and paralysis. Also, severe joint pain, and memory loss.

About 300 cases resulted in permanent disability and more than 25 deaths. So the vaccine has done FAR more damage than that one “attack” in 2001.

Is there any wonder why even the vaccine-friendly CDC won’t recommend routine anthrax vaccinations?

Doctors give BioThrax in five doses over 18 months. That means they can only give it proactively. They can’t give it in response to an attack. So if NBSB wants to test it in children, that means someone has bigger plans. Behind the scenes, someone is promoting universal vaccination.

One thing is certain, the sales pitch is on at the NBSB. When the panelists recommended testing in children, they noted that threat of an anthrax attack is “a major priority for U.S. national security.”

A “major” priority? Oh brother! With billions already invested, expect to see a lot more of this exaggeration and fear-mongering.

And then all they’ll need is one more anthrax scare and… Off we go!

If that time comes, remember that anthrax contamination is not a disease. It’s not contagious. It can’t spread from person to person. So if your family refuses this risky shot, nobody can accuse you of endangering the herd.

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