Why are insurance rates so high? Here's one reason: unnecessary tests

Why are health insurance rates so high? And why are they going higher?

Researchers have come up with at least part of the answer… Unnecessary tests.

Researchers reviewed medical surveys for 2009. They estimated that $6.8 billion was lost to unnecessary screenings and treatments. They believe the actual amount is much higher.

The biggest financial drain was statin drugs. If doctors had prescribed generics instead of brand name drugs, they would have saved nearly $6 billion!

As for screening, many doctors order unnecessary blood tests. Needless scanning tests are also very expensive.

What’s behind all these tests? One doctor explained to Bloomberg… “Nobody ever gets sued for ordering unnecessary tests.”

Here’s my rule of thumb when my doctor recommends a test. I ask him to explain what course of action he’ll recommend if the result comes back positive.

When you ask that question, the answer often reveals the necessity of the test.

“Doctors estimate $6.8 billion in unnecessary medical tests” Michelle Andrews, Bloomberg, 10/31/11, fluentnews.com

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