This might be the least appetizing food on the planet

Remember when I told you about the problems with the soy in Kashi cereal?

Problem One: It’s genetically modified.

Problem Two: It’s SOY. And to me, that’s the larger issue. We really don’t know what health risks we’re taking on with GM consumption. But we do with soy. And it’s an ugly list of risks.

But there’s one more problem. Dr. Spreen sent me a note to remind me just how thoroughly awful Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soy really is.

Dr. Spreen: “I wonder if everyone gets the REALLY scary implications of Roundup Ready soy?

“It means we’re actually EATING the plant product that has been totally drenched with Roundup. The plant is genetically modified to be immune. The problem is, WE are NOT immune. And we’re now eating what’s been in a field loaded with this incredible poison.”

About 90 percent of all soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified. And a huge portion of that is Roundup Ready soy.

So no matter what Monsanto — or Kashi — wants you to think, soy is not health food!

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