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Here's the one thing you definitely want your probiotic supplement to be: living

What part of “living” do researchers not understand?

If you take a probiotic supplement or eat yogurt that contains probiotics, check the label. I’m sure it will say something like “living cultures” of “live microorganisms.”

Probiotic foods and supplements contain bacterial strains. And the organisms of those strains are only useful when they’re alive. In fact, one of the challenges of creating probiotic supplements is figuring out ways to deliver the organisms to your gut, still alive after running the gauntlet of stomach acids.

But it seems that every few years you get some researchers who just have to test non-viable (i.e., dead) probiotics.

The theory is that the DNA of probiotic organisms might still produce some positive effect on the immune system after their organisms have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Interesting idea. But…no.

When UK and Spanish researchers tested live and heat treated (i.e., dead) probiotics in rats, they concluded that the organisms need to be alive to create and anti-inflammatory effect.

As Dr. Spreen commented when he sent me this item: “Here’s a firm grasp of the obvious.”

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