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This is exactly what the American Heart Association did NOT want to hear

Is red meat bad for you?

Just ask any mainstream nutritionist and they’ll stare at you, aghast. Of COURSE red meat is bad for you! It causes heart disease and type 2 diabetes!

In their dreams.

A new Harvard study rocked the foundations of the Fear Meat Club (otherwise known as the American Heart Association) at a recent AHA convention.

The Harvard team reviewed 20 studies and gave the AHA crowd these two key results:

1) High intake of processed meat that’s been cured and/or loaded with preservatives (hot dogs, lunch meat, bacon, sausage) increases risk of heart disease and diabetes.

2) Any level of intake of unprocessed red meat does NOT increase heart disease or diabetes risk.


In CNN’s report on the study, a couple of diehard meat-will-kill-you mainstreamers were brought in to completely ignore the results and school us on the dangers of saturated fat consumption.

Please — save your breath. And while you’re at it, enjoy a good steak now and then. It’ll do you good. Literally.

“Eating Processed Meat Raises Heart Disease Risk” CNN, 3/10/11,

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