Airport security just might have a little secret

Hmmm…airport security just might have a little secret…

Recently I told you why those controversial radiation-emitting scanners in airports should be avoided at all costs.

In addition, there’s a lot of misinformation about those scanners coming from official sources, so that’s all the reason you need to choose the pat-down instead of the potentially dangerous scanner.

So I figured I better take my own advice.

Recently, I flew back from Salt Lake City after a business trip. And when it came time for the scanner, I declined and braced myself for a dehumanizing pat-down. I was ready to face a government employee wearing latex gloves who looked like a prison matron from an old B movie.

Instead, they just sent me through the regular scanner. You know–the one they used to use in the “old days”–a simple metal-detector doorway.

It made me wonder if the uproar over the too-close-for-comfort pat-down is exaggerated on purpose so we’ll all be motivated to do as we’re told and use the scanner.

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