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Busting a few myths about nature's most powerful anti-bacterial mineral

Silver Threads

In ancient Rome, newborns received gifts of silver spoons and cups, just as they do today. But back then it was a necessity for those who could afford it, because silver effectively controls bacterial infection.

This is also where we get the saying about a fortunate child being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

I learned these silver insights on a recent trip to Charleston, SC. (Quick side note: if you’ve never been to Charleston, go! But also bring an extra pair of pants in the next size up. It is definitely a city for foodies!)

During one of the few times I wasn’t drooling over a Low Country specialty, I met Dawn Evers, who’s better known in those parts as “The Silver Lady.”

Dawn is something of a Charleston institution. As an authority on silver antiques and the history of silver, she gives seminars, she’s appeared on Antiques Roadshow, and she’s even consulted for the White House.

So you can believe it when Dawn tells you, for instance, that sacramental wine is given in a silver chalice to prevent spread of germs throughout a congregation. And before refrigeration was invented, a silver coin dropped in a milk container helped keep the milk fresh. And here in the 21st century, bandages infused with silver are still widely used to treat burns and other severe wounds. Curad even makes a silver band-aid.

Spend a half hour with The Silver Lady, and you’ll quickly understand that this precious metal isn’t just decorative, it’s also been a huge health care asset for thousands of years.

One-man Blue Man Group

After my visit with Dawn, I had to wonder… With this rich history of silver used as an antibacterial, why does colloidal silver have a reputation as some crazy “out there” alternative medicine scheme?

I came up with three reasons…

ONE: The blue guy.

His name is Paul Karason. You may have seen him on the Today Show. After using colloidal silver for several years, Paul’s skin turned blue. Unfortunately, he wasn’t under the supervision of a doctor who could have warned him that he was using way too much.

Colloidal silver should be used sparingly as needed–not as part of a daily regimen. Used properly, there’s virtually zero chance of your skin turning blue. Even so, the vision of the blue guy lingers, along with his connection to colloidal silver.

TWO: Colloidal silver is taken internally.

Sure, you put the silver spoon in the baby’s mouth, and you put the edge of the chalice to your own mouth, but when it comes to actually drinking water that contains silver, that’s where many people balk. But it’s not like you’re drinking water filled with flecks of silver. A solution of colloidal silver consists of just 40 parts silver per one million parts water.

That’s basically just a trace of silver. But it’s enough to be effective without harming the body. (After Paul Karason appeared on the Today Show, a medical checkup revealed no heavy metal damage to his organs in spite of his long over- consumption of colloidal silver.)

Three: Big business

If you’re in the business of selling antibiotics–which is a very big business–you don’t want to compete with a natural and inexpensive antibiotic. That’s why it’s been demonized by mainstream medicine. The next time you see colloidal silver discussed on a network program like the Today Show, watch for commentary from conventional doctors. They’ll act as if someone suggested drinking a quart of motor oil.

But here’s something you will NEVER hear them acknowledge. Colloidal silver has a huge advantage over synthetic antibiotic drugs because bacteria never develop resistance. Colloidal silver disrupts enzymes that bacteria require for oxygen metabolism. And bacteria simply can’t replicate without those enzymes.

In short: Silver is bacterial doom. Always has been. Always will be.

You can click here to read about other uses for colloidal silver, including a dosage recommendation from alternative health care pioneer Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

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