Would you like some trace pharmaceuticals in your salt?

This one lit up my BS-detector like a Christmas tree.

A friend sent me a link to a website with this opening paragraph…

“Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt is a unique hand-harvest salt enriched with pharmaceuticals found in natural water systems. It can be used for an array of purposes–anything from salting steak on the grill to treating depression.”

Clearly, some very serious leg-pulling going on here.

When you browse the website (all-salt.com) you’ll find a link to a page where you can actually place an order for a bottle of All-Salt. But it’s going to cost you–$45 for a small bottle–$7.50 for shipping.

So of course your next thought is: “Gee, that’s a bit steep. How can I make my own pharmaceutical-laced salt?”

Funny you should ask.

On a FAQ page, you’ll find very specific instructions on how to make medicinal salt infused with popular antidepressants, statins, NSAIDs, etc.

And a little advice is offered: “We encourage you to contact your local wastewater treatment plant and ask about the pharmaceuticals found in your local wastewater, so you can harvest your own local flavors!”

I think the folks at Alviso’s are using humor to raise awareness about a genuine public health problem. At least I hope that’s what they’re doing. I would hate to think this is some tricky Big Pharma marketing test!

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

“Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt” all-salt.com

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