Code Red: Beware Killer Coumadin!

If you’ve recently received a free sample pack of Coumadin from your doctor, DO NOT USE IT!

The FDA just issued an urgent recall alert for sample packs of Coumadin in the 1 mg strength – because taking these pills could put you in dire straits.

Bristol Myers Squibb initiated the recall when they realized that a key ingredient – the one that activates the Coumadin – wasn’t working properly, which could make your medication extremely dangerous, if not deadly.

In some cases, the dose may be too high, which can increase your risk of bleeding. For others, the dose could be too low, increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Either way, this free Coumadin sample could end up costing your life.

The unsafe sample packs are from the following lot numbers: Lot# 9A48931A, 9A48931B, 9A48931C, all with expiration dates of January 2012.