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Code Red: FDA approves bird poison for MS patients

Clearly, the FDA has it out for people with MS. Bird brains that they are, they just approved Ampyra, a drug to supposedly help patients with multiple sclerosis walk faster. But here’s the catch… the drug (a form of fampridine) is also a commonly used bird poison.

It’s nasty enough to induce seizure-like symptoms in birds to scare them away from crops. So this next fact should come as no surprise: Ampyra can cause seizures in HUMANS.

On top of that, the other so-far known common side effects of the drug include relapse of MS symptoms, insomnia, dizziness, headache, weakness, balance disorder, back pain, and burning, tingling or itching of skin… all of which sound very bad for someone already struggling with MS.

Keep in mind, these are the common side effects found among the 540 patients from the clinical trials. Just 540 people. Imagine what kind of damage it can do with 54,000 patients. Don’t be one of them.