Whatever the menu may be, remember olive oil for healthy results

When you think of Thanksgiving, a balmy Greek isle probably isn’t the first mental image that springs to mind.

Nevertheless, for those of you who will be heading up kitchen command centers to produce Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, there is one ingredient you can include that might help make the meal healthier for all the hearts gathered around the table: olive oil — one of the key elements of the Mediterranean diet.

In a 2001 e-Alert I told you about a blood fluidity study that showed how regular consumption of olive oil sautéed with chopped onions prompted a significant decrease in blood pressure.

And in the e-Alert “Extra Special” (9/26/06), I looked at a study in which daily intake of extra virgin olive oil (very rich in vitamin E) raised HDL cholesterol, lowered triglyceride levels, and reduced oxidative stress markers.

So when your Thanksgiving recipe calls for oil, think olive. Unless you’re planning on deep-frying. Olive oil and the deep-fryer is not a good match.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at HSI.

To Your Good Health,
Jenny Thompson

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