Renal Failure with Reclast

The FDA just released it’s Drug Safety Newsletter (at 5:00 on Friday, of course), and it contains some very bad news for people taking Reclast, the annual IV osteoporosis treatment.

The agency has received 24 reports of renal impairment (which means kidney damage) and “some cases” of acute renal failure associated with the use of this drug. All of these reports were filed between April 2007 and February 2009 – less than two years – and seven of the people died.

So, what’s the FDA doing about this dangerous drug? A big, fat nothing…well, almost nothing. One of their suggestions for physicians is to make sure patients are “adequately hydrated” before they get their Reclast infusion.

My suggestion: Find out more about the potentially dangerous (possibly deadly) side effects of Reclast before even considering this treatment. Don’t risk adverse events like osteonecrosis of the jaw (literally, a dead jaw bone), atrial fibrillation (an abnormal heart rhythm), or hypertension when you can boost your bone density with very safe, natural treatments. Check out the HSI Cures Library to find out more about successfully treating and preventing osteoporosis…without risking your life.