Taking steps (literally) to lower blood pressure

If you’re among the millions who struggle to control high blood pressure, you might consider stepping it up to walk the walk.

In the e-Alert “Century Club” (5/14/09), I told you about a Stanford University study that showed how using a pedometer to count daily steps helped exercisers increase their physical activity by nearly 27 percent. Over the 18-week study, pedometer use was also shown to accelerate weight loss and decrease systolic blood pressure.

And it seems this technique has worked for an HSI member named Peggy, who writes: “Jenny, In response to your walking story: I’ve got a pedometer on my cell phone and I use it every day to make sure I get in at least 8,000 steps.

“I started at 4,000 steps and have gradually increased my daily total. I’ve been using it since September and have logged more than 800 miles since then. Using the pedometer has been very rewarding to me because it keeps a log for me. I haven’t lost one pound since September but my BP has gone from 140/90 to 116/75.”

Nice work, Peggy!

As I’ve noted in many e-Alerts, a simple daily walk can have a very positive impact on your health.