Vitamin C treats basal cell skin cancer

Vitamin C treats basal cell skin cancer

If you have the most common form of cancer, you probably also have a safe and inexpensive treatment for it in your home right now.

Basal cell cancer appears on the skin as a small lump or sore that doesn’t heal properly. This type of cancer is annoying and unsightly, but rarely dangerous.

Late last year, the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service posted an article that explained how to use vitamin C to treat small spots of basal cell carcinoma by mixing a paste of powdered vitamin C with a small amount of water and then applying it directly to the spots. After three applications per day for two weeks, many of the spots scab over and drop off.

So is this a revolutionary new breakthrough? Not quite. This information comes from research that was published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition more than 35 years ago.

An HSI member has posted the full OMNS article in the HSI Healthier Talk community forums. In tomorrow’s Week in Review e-Alert I’ll feature comments and helpful suggestions from members who have used vitamin C to treat basal cell skin cancer.

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