Osteoporosis drugs and oral surgery risk

Osteoporosis drugs and oral surgery risk

“Be sure to tell everybody that oral surgeons won’t touch people on biphosphonates either because their ability to heal extraction sites or oral injuries is less and they also might risk a lower success rate with implants.”

That note comes from an HSI member named Alice who’s an M.D. She wrote in response to the e-alert “Out on a Limb” (7/30/08), which details the growing evidence that a class of osteoporosis drugs known as bisphosphonates (such as Fosamax) enhance bone density during the first few years of therapy, but appear to increase fracture risk in the long term.

Alice continues: “Since a lot of us over 55 have dental problems this is a BIG issue especially for women who are targeted more heavily with the bisphosphonate promotions. Tell them weight-bearing exercise and good veggies will do much more.

“Also warn them about liquid sugar or carbonated beverage use and how much sugar is in Starbucks for example. Thanks for spreading the word!”

Thank YOU for the good tips, Alice.