Finding Doctors Who Offer Alternative Treatments

Finding a Doctor who Will Administer IV Vitamin C

Intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA) therapy for cancer is a controversial treatment, so it’s not surprising that doctors who are knowledgeable about administering the treatment may be hard to find.

An HSI member named Ken writes: “A lady in New Zealand has dramatically slowed the advancement of her cancer by taking large doses of vitamin C. Her doctor is most impressed, but whilst not adverse to the C, is not prepared to give it to her by injection. This lady has asked me whether there is any known contact address for any establishment in NZ, likely to be sympathetic, where she could get the intravenous version. Such a contact could be very useful for others in this neck of the woods.”

From my own experience I can tell Ken this: He may have to do some digging.

A friend mine whose wife is battling ovarian cancer recently asked if I knew of any doctors in the Baltimore area who he and his wife could talk to about IAA treatments.

I started by checking the web site for the American College for Advancement in Medicine ( The directory on that site is easy to use, but it doesn’t pinpoint which doctors might be knowledgeable about IAA. So I made a few calls and found that when you talk to someone affiliated with an alternative medical practice that doesn’t offer IAA, they’ll usually take a moment to give you the name of a doctor who might.

In other words, it may take several calls, but sooner or later you’ll find someone, and hopefully they’ll be nearby.

So here’s my suggestion for Ken: Go to the web site for the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners ( Click on Affiliates, then click “contact details.” Working from this list, Ken can get started on his chain of calls. And, Ken, please give your friend our best wishes and let us know how her case progresses.