Onions for Tinnitus?

Onions as a natural treatment for tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Onions to the rescue? Well maybe. An HSI member named PB writes: “Can you please give me the information on using onions for curing tinnitus (noise in the ears)?”

According to Holistic Online, onion juice is a folk remedy that calls for one drop of the juice in each ear, three times a week until the ringing in the ears is relieved. I have no idea if this works (perhaps PB can try it and get back to us with a report), but I do know that onion juice is not the only natural treatment for this very annoying condition.

In a 2002 ginkgo biloba study conducted in Germany, patients who received 200 mg of ginkgo daily generally reported marked reduction in tinnitus.

A deficiency of zinc may be at the root of some tinnitus cases. Foods that contain zinc include spinach, oysters, beef, papaya, asparagus and prunes.

Tinnitus is a common topic in the HSI Healthier Talk community forums. One HSI member with an “extreme case” of tinnitus notes that CoQ10 supplements combined with a low carbohydrate diet helped enormously. And another member found relief with chiropractic treatments.


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