Making your heart healthy

Protecting Your Heart Is Easier ThanYou’ve Heard

They Say Only If You Run Jump
Swim Bike Eat Less Fat
and Lower Your Cholesterol Right Now
Can You Avoid Heart Disease!

Sit back, relax and eat all the hamburgers you want to

The truth is, cholesterol is only one of the potential causes of heart disease and even that’s a stretch if you ask me. So, you can run six miles a day, eat oat-bran for breakfast, lunch and dinner and suck down your statins if you want tobut isn’t that what everyone else is already doing? Then why are roughly 50% of all Americans still struggling with heart disease?

I’m not much of a statistics guy, but it’s true: every other person you know is likely to die of heart disease. However, my friend, you don’t have worry about being a statistic because, I have a plan. But in order to defeat your enemy, first you must know your enemy

Mysterious Cause of Heart Disease Discovered

Have you heard the latest news reports identifying a mysterious cause of heart disease? Well, if you’ve been reading my newsletter, then you know heart disease has been linked to bacterial infections! No, this isn’t just my personal opinion. Even the more prominent mainstream doctors are now pointing to infections like Chlamydia pneumoniae (C. pneumoniae) as a factor in heart disease.

Yes, it is now widely recognized that infections, like C. pneumoniae, can trigger the formation of vulnerable plaque, causing heart disease. In fact, for men with the highest risk factors, heart attacks can be prevented by antibiotics in up to 55% of cases!

How about a $50,000 bypass surgery?

Sure, your doctor would love to sell you one of those. But at $50,000 a pop, chances are your doctor isn’t going to risk losing the sale by telling you that there isn’t a single study on the books to prove that bypass surgery works any better than other medical therapies. In fact, a 1984 study showed that after 11 years there was no difference between bypass and nonbypass patients.

Well, how about a little roto-rootering angioplasty then? It s slightly less invasive maybe a little less expensiveand it’s certainly safer, right? Wrong. There’s a very real danger of the affected artery rupturing during the course of the procedure in which case, you re in for emergency bypass surgery anyhow!

As usual, the experts are great at identifying the problem. Now, if only they could discover a simple, safe, affordable solution. Well, here’s a brainstormif we know that bacterial infections can trigger plaque formation and ultimately lead to heart disease, then why not simply eliminate those bacteria?

Heart Disease Cause #2: Free-Radical Damage

The experts want you to believe that cholesterol is your archenemy. Apparently, they were asleep during Biology 101 when the professor explained that your body more specifically, your liver actually produces cholesterol naturally to convert into hormones.

Although, the cholesterol hypothesis is handy for one thing: Selling over-priced statin drugs. The real truth lies deeper than that shallow money-making myth.

You see, the plaque in your arteries isn’t made up of naturally occurring cholesterol. It s made up of a special kind of cholesterol: Damaged, oxidized cholesterol! Free radicals steal electrons from your cholesterol.

Let’s see, if oxidized cholesterol is a cause of heart disease, then the solution must be statins, right?


The way to keep free radicals from damaging your cholesterol is to zap them with antioxidants! And, I’ve identified the one ‘mother antioxidant’ that synergistically extends and renews the others, making them more effective.

The All-Natural Answer For Real Heart Health

There’s a new heart care revolution gaining momentum, and you re one of the first people this amazing 300-year-old remedy is being revealed to long before the herd finally discovers it when it appears on the cover of Newsweek decades from now.

Medical science has discovered a remarkable nutrient your heart tissues are craving called, Terminalia arjuna. Just this one heart-healing nutrient alone has been proven t

Boost immunity to bacterial infections

Promote healthy circulation

Manage blood pressure

Control cholesterol levels
And, those results are only the tip of the iceberg because I’ve combined arjuna with 6 other heart-healthy superstars in a new supplement I call Ultimate Heart Support. I’ll tell you about them in a moment. But first, a few more words on the

World’s Most Comprehensive Heart Superfood

Chances are you haven’t heard of arjuna yet. But I can assure you it won’t be too long before some news rag stakes their claim for discovering the newest breakthrough in heart health history. When in actuality, arjuna is an Indian medicinal herb proven by over 300 years of use in supporting strong heart function. In fact, arjuna may be the world’s most comprehensive heart superfood:

Best of all, the arjuna I’ve selected is wildcrafted. That s better than an organic or pesticidal (aka suicidal ) non-organic preparation. Wildcrafted arjuna grows in its own natural environment, climate, and soil in India. The therapeutic, thick, white-pinkish gray bark is harvested at just the right time of ripeness. And, it s undamaged by alcohol or harsh, toxic solvents, for maximum potency.

Even if arjuna was the sole ingredient in Ultimate Heart Support, it still might be the most effective heart helper out there. But, I’ve combined 6 more heart-healthy, super-star ingredients

The One ‘Mother Antioxidant’ that Empowers all the Others

By now you probably know all about how free radicals damage arteries and cause aging by stealing electrons. And, you know that the best way to protect against free radical damage is by supplying your body with antioxidants. But, did you know that there’s one antioxidant that doctors are claiming can dramatically improve the action of other antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and E, coenzyme Q10 and glutathione?

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is the mother antioxidant. Unlike vitamins C and E which only work in water and fat respectively ALA overpowers free radicals in both fat and water. Plus, as C and E subdue free radicals, they lose electrons. But ALA actually helps restore those lost electrons so C and E can go on fighting!

ALA is produced naturally by your body but, as you age, your body produces less and less ALA so, supplementing is necessary. Plus, in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, ALA may help stimulate insulin response, regulate blood glucose levels, and repair liver cells.

Homocysteine Levels Controlled!

OK, now that you’ve got the bacteria and free radicals licked, what about homocysteine? Homocysteine has been identified as one of the biggest precursors to heart problems.

That’s why heart-nourishing Ultimate Heart Support is fortified with vitamins B-6, B-12, and folic acid. This trio of Bs may actually reduce homocysteine levels!

But that’s not alleach of these members of the B family have their own claims to fame as well

300% as Absorbable as the Popular B-12

As is the case with many nutrients, B-12 can come in a number of different forms some more readily absorbed by the body than others. That s why I’ve chosen methylcobalamin (MCB), instead of the more popular cyanocobalamin. Not only does your body absorb MCB 300% better than cyanocobalamin, but MCB is also proven to help regenerate brain nerves and aid sleepand I don t know about you, but I’ll take all the brain power and sleep I can get!

Rounding out the B trio is vitamin B-6 which not only inhibits clotting of the blood, but may also help relieve fatigue, headaches, and boost memory.

Two More Powerhouses for Ultimate Effect

In both human and animal studies, L-arginine has been shown to improve overall heart health.

L-arginine may also help to lower body fat, increase muscle mass, regulate insulin, support liver function, stimulate the thymus and boost overall immunity. And, if you re really sharp, you probably remember reading that arginine is also a precursor to nitric oxide which can help dilate blood vessels and in turn enhance sexual function!

And finally, magnesium citrate. Magnesium may help relax blood vessels aiding in lower blood pressure, and a normalized heartbeat. Plus, it s essential for energy production and the activity of over 300 enzymes!

Increase Your Exercise Capacity

People who supplement their daily diet with a regimen of antioxidants, B-vitamins, folic acid, L-arginine, and minerals tend to experience enhanced levels of overall energy.

Does that regimen sound familiar? Well, Ultimate Heart Support’s got them all plus the combined powers of arjuna and big mother ALA.

Don t get me wrongI m not one to get on a treadmill (and I certainly wouldn’t ask you to either) but I could think of a few things I would do with a little more energy.

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Latethe Key to Life-Long Heart Health is Prevention

If I can step up on my soapbox for just another minute to remind you: 1 out of every 2 Americans will die of heart disease of one form or another. Don’t let yourself or anyone close to you be one of them. I’ve given you a formula for success; now it s up to you to use it.

If you want to run marathons, live off sprouts, and waste money on prescription drugs, that s up to you. But if you really want to protect your heart and your health safely, effectively and affordably, add just two Ultimate Heart Support capsules to your daily regimen.


William Campbell Douglass II, MD

P.S. Start planning ahead now to keep your heartbeat ticking loud and strong for years to come. After all, why worry about being the next 1 out of 2 when you could be indulging in burgers (hold the bun) and playing golf again!

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Ultimate Heart Support

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Vegetarian Capsules
Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Daily Serving – % Daily Value

25 mg Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 1,250%
400 mcg Folic Acid 100%
500 mcg Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin) 8,333%
50 mg Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate) 13%
500 mg Terminalia arjuna extract (bark, standardized to 0.5% arjunolic acid)
100 mg Lipoic Acid
100 mg L-Arginine

Other ingredients: Cellulose, vegetable stearate and silica.

Warnings: Always check with your physician before taking nutritional supplements.
Type of Pill: Vegetarian Capsule
How Many Pills in a Bottle: 60
Dosage: Take 2 Vegetarian Capsules a day, anytime.

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