The FDA strikes again

Last week I bought a new portable compact disc player – the kind that plays CDs like a Walkman. While getting familiar with how it works, I came across this notice printed on the back of the unit: “This compact disc player meets all safety standards and regulations of the FCC, DHHS and FDA.”

Huh? Why on earth would the Food and Drug Administration have regulations about a CD player?

In the past I’ve given Consumer Reports magazine a hard time for dispensing half-baked advice on health care instead of doing what they’re supposed to d test and rate cars, kitchen appliances, and electronic devices likewell, like compact disc players! And now the FDA has regs for CD players!? Has the whole world gone mad!?

This is as pure a case of over-regulation as you’re likely to find. You would think that meeting all safety standards and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Health and Human Services would be more than enough. But no – they have to drag in the FDA as well?

After enjoying a little rant about this at home (I gave my husband an earful) I settled down and did some research and found that apparently the FDA’s role here has something to do with “radiation performance.”

Hmmm. I wonder – would the radiation performance of a compact disc player come under the heading of “food” or “drug”?

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
Health Sciences Institute