Food industry "discovers" natural bacteria killers

For 5 years, we’ve been telling you about the coming plague of resistant bacteria. While there’s been a lot of press about the need for doctors to be more discerning when prescribing antibiotics, the farmers and ranchers who feed antibiotics to cattle have blindly fueled the growth of these superbugs, as well.

According to recent studies, in 1995, Denmark banned the use of antibiotics in animal feed. That year, one of the bacteria commonly found in the gut of chickens was resistant 73% of the time. Last year, only 6% were resistant. The same has been found in Germany and the Netherlands.

Bacteria have the ability to convey their resistance to each other by passing DNA-containing organisms back and forth. If a bacterium is resistant to a drug, that information is passed along to other bacteria receiving its DNA.

Until the unbridled use of antibiotics is curbed, bacteria will continue to remain resistant and grow in strength. Many of you have taken the first step in protecting yourselves by using fewer antibiotics and choosing natural alternatives. Now there are things you can do to further protect yourself today instead of waiting for a sea change from the food industry.

The first and most obvious step is to choose meats and poultry that don’t use antibiotics in their feed. Two farmers we can recommend are Coleman and Bell & Evans. Plus, the research team at the Health Sciences Institute has discovered a new Japanese probiotic that has been proven to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Look for all the details on this exclusive story in your August Members Alert.

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