2000-02 Members Alert

February 2000 PDF

With each issue of Members Alert, we strive to bring you breaking news from companies around the world about new, natural remedies backed by solid scientific research.

One such company is Lane Labs-USA, Inc. Some of this company’s innovations that we’ve covered include MGN-3, SkinAnswer, BeneJoint?, and Palm Vitee. These products have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of members and others fight debilitating illnesses and painful conditions.

Yet today, the innovation of Lane Labs and other companies like it is threatened by the actions of the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA filed a lawsuit against Lane Labs in December, claiming that its published medical research is illegal. The company stands firmly behind its research which it says are within the guidelines of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

The FDA’s goal is to prohibit the sale of the aforementioned products. Because this case will be a landmark one, not only will Lane Labs suffer if it loses, but the alternative medicine industry and its customers will also pay the price. The dietary supplement industry includes many small companies with less money for research. If the FDA wins, it will most likely make it impossible for these companies to do business and, basically, prevent access to cutting-edge developments in alternative medicine.

This lawsuit epitomizes the hypocrisy of the federal government. The first irony is that this is the same government about to breakup Microsoft for quashing innovation among start-ups. More relevant to this case is, as the FDA served Lane Labs with subpoenas, the National Institutes of Health, another government agency, had chosen the company’s BeneFin shark cartilage for a phase III clinical trial on 600 late-stage cancer patients.

The trial would provide important and comprehensive information on the true benefits of shark cartilage. However, since Lane Labs must supply the product at no cost (as all companies involved in government sponsored clinical trials must do) the organization can not afford the millions of dollars it will cost to fight this lawsuit and provide free product.

We’re pleased to report there is a way you can help protect these products and others that exist now and in the future. Lane Labs has provided a bulletin board on its website-www.lanelabs.com-to gather comments regarding this issue (click on “Important News: FDA vs. Lane Labs”). It’s an interesting read and we encourage you to post your comments, which will then be sent to Congressional leaders who have lent their voices to support ongoing advances in the world of alternative medicine. (Please write in “(HSI)” next to your name if you participate).
Thousands of our members have benefited from these and other alternative health innovations. Our mission is, and has always been, to search the globe to bring you the latest natural alternatives that help you prevent and treat the health concerns that plague far too many of us. It is too late to sit by while the FDA threatens this progress and the companies committed to bringing it to us.

Karen Gatzke
Associate Director


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