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Dairy fat again shown to be your heart’s best friend

Saturated fat has long been the demon of the dairy world. By now, even the mere mention of it can make visions of clogged arteries and deadly heart disease dance in your head! For decades, mainstream experts have been shaking their fingers at us and warning of the risk that comes with butter, whole milk, […] Read

Is the $7,000 migraine drug really worth it?

Ladies, you’re being targeted. If you’ve got migraines, Big Pharma is hoping you’ll treat its newest drug like the latest iPhone. It wants you to be first in line to try it out… and then brag about it to all your friends. It’s even like an iPhone in another way: At $575 per monthly shot, […] Read

What’s behind this scary new ‘hidden epidemic’ of kidney disease?

It’s being called a “hidden epidemic,” a condition said to be even more prevalent than diabetes and cancer: kidney disease. A new analysis by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) has discovered that among potentially deadly ailments, kidney disease has now pulled ahead of the pack. The ISN is calling for doctors and scientists to […] Read

The worst can happen to the best of parents

You could say it’s the worst that could happen. But there are really no words to describe the horror and anguish in discovering that your precious baby or toddler was forgotten — left in a locked car to die a horrible death from heat stroke. You might think it’s a rare occurrence, and that’s true […] Read

This Big-Food fib is the worst one of all!

It’s the tried-and-true way to make an adult rat fat: Give it a shot of monosodium glutamate when it’s a baby! This isn’t a brand-new discovery, either. It’s how scientists “create” rats to fit experiments they want to conduct – say for an obesity drug or something to do with diabetes. This is common knowledge in […] Read

Hidden EPA report: We’re being embalmed alive!

I think it’s time the EPA had a name change. How about the IPA – the Industry Protection Agency? Because there’s a bombshell report detailing the cancer danger from formaldehyde – and since that would likely put any industry or manufacturer that uses the chemical in a pot of regulatory hot water, it’s currently being […] Read

Anticonvulsants for back pain? That’s insane!

It’s estimated that at some point, around 80 percent of the U.S. population will suffer from some form of back pain (including sciatica, which also affects the leg). For lots of people, it will become chronic. And that’s when your pain becomes the bread and butter of mainstream medicine. Ka-ching! It’s time for MRIs, CT […] Read

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