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The 3 most mysterious words in the Bible... Is THIS what they really mean?

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Women with DCIS getting mastectomies for nothing

A large new study proves that thousands of American women are being disfigured and traumatized ever single year by unnecessary and radical breast surgery and treatments. Read

Pork industry loading dangerous asthma drugs into our food

Farmers have been force-feeding ractopamine, an asthma drug intended for animals, into pigs since the FDA first approved it 16 years ago. That's despite the fact that its effect on humans -- you know, those of us who end up eating this stuff -- has never been studied. Read

Skin cancer gel from hell could unleash "zombie viruses"

Picato gel is prescribed to treat a type of very common skin lesion called actinic keratosis, but it looks like it doesn’t stop there. The FDA has just issued a warning about this med, saying that it can cause severe allergic reactions, horrific eye injuries and has even been known to trigger shingles. Read

Whistleblowers reveal GMO science is dangerous, outdated garbage

Two leading scientists, writing in a prestigious medical journal, have just disclosed how much outdated junk science is behind the current acceptance of GMOs. And what they’re saying makes it more important than ever to have the foods containing these ingredients labeled. Read

Unnecessary procedures becoming a deadly national epidemic

Unnecessary medical procedures can range from simple blood tests to exposure to radiation all the way to major surgery. Here's what you need to know to keep from becoming a victim of overzealous medicine. Read

Federal vaccination bill could force dangerous shots on America's kids

It's called the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015, and as currently written, would force states to pass laws requiring all school kids to get the CDC's full schedule of shots -- plus a risky HPV vaccine like Gardasil -- or risk losing hundreds of millions in federal funds. Read

Off-label depression, schizophrenia drug being peddled as sleep aid

It’s a popular drug used to treat insomnia, yet trazodone is NOT a sleeping pill – it’s a dangerous antidepressant that’s used to treat the worst symptoms of schizophrenia. Read

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