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Could this be the real reason so many seniors are falling?

Experts are calling the findings of a new CDC study on seniors, brain injuries and falls “striking.” According to some new data released by the agency, if you’re over a certain age, you’re in the “falling club” — and likely to end up in the ER, be admitted to the hospital — or worse — […] Read

New study finds millions misdiagnosed with hypertension

When you visit your doctor, how does he take your blood pressure? It’s a very important question, one that could mean the difference between a lifetime of risky blood pressure drugs…or not. Researchers at the University of Montreal have just made a jaw-dropping discovery where blood pressure readings are concerned. And it turns out that […] Read

This ‘miracle drug’ is really nothing but a dangerous dud

The way the media is telling the story, it’s your money… or your life. Fork over around $14K a year for the “miracle” cholesterol drug Repatha — or somehow convince your insurance company to cover the injection — and you can stop a deadly heart attack or stroke in its tracks! But you might as […] Read

How your favorite fruits and veggies may be poisoning you

If you enjoy strawberries on your oatmeal, topped with Greek yogurt, or mixed up in a smoothie, you’re getting an added bonus with those cheery red fruits… and it’s one you probably weren’t expecting. Strawberries took the honors this year of landing in the number one spot on the just-out “Dirty Dozen” list from the […] Read

An important new warning for breast-cancer patients

How much money would you save by cutting back or eliminating radiation sessions for your breast cancer? Plenty! You could save SEVERAL thousand dollars, according to a new study. Altogether, it would add up to hundreds of millions. And what would be the health advantages of cutting back on radiation sessions or — even better […] Read

Gluten-free foods not as healthy as you might think

I’m not surprised that gluten-free products have gained a “health food” reputation. These foods can make a big difference in the quality of life for people who would otherwise suffer terrible gastrointestinal consequences from eating wheat-based baked goods with the gluten intact. But don’t confuse “gluten-free” with a healthy free pass to eat your fill […] Read

Roundup reeling from cases in two California courts

“If I can kill this, I should get a medal.” That statement isn’t from a crooked lawyer out of a John Grisham novel, but a quote from an EPA official about preventing another federal agency from doing its own safety review of Monsanto’s Roundup! That, and a lot more, just came to light after a […] Read

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