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Could a drug you’re taking cause you to suffer a hip fracture?

Breaking a bone is one of the biggest fears we face as we age — and with good reason. Fractures are one of the top reasons people over 65 land in nursing homes. So we all want to do everything we can to keep our bones healthy and strong as we age. But an alarming […] Read

There may be a way to protect your brain from the effects of chemo

If you’re currently taking chemo — or have ever received chemo — you know what a terrible toll it can take on your brain. It can leave you with bouts of mental fog and forgetfulness, and they can last long after the chemo is done. It’s a condition called “chemobrain,” and for years the mainstream […] Read

For doctors, getting in hot water doesn’t mean losing consulting fees

Dr. Fernando Avila, a physician from Texas, has been in hot water with his state’s medical board numerous times. Five years ago he was even required to take a competency exam after an office procedure left a patient with brain damage. Dr. Miltiadis Leon, also from Texas, had his license to practice medicine restricted after […] Read

New research finds breast cancer miracle is one we’ve had all along

Can you imagine if Big Pharma had a drug that could slow the growth of breast cancer cells — even shrink them? One that would have no side effects — in fact, it would actually help you get a good night’s sleep. Why, there would be banner headlines trumpeting such a miraculous new discovery. As […] Read

For diabetics, eating this just twice a week could be a sight-saver

It’s one of the most frightening side effects of diabetes, and preventing it may all boil down to what you have for dinner. Diabetic retinopathy can steal your eyesight before you even know what’s happening. And the longer you’ve had type 2 diabetes, the greater the danger. But some just-released research involving thousands of patients […] Read

This safe, alternative treatment has now been found to zap Zika

2016 will no doubt go down in the history books as the “Year of Zika.” Every day we seem to hear stories of new cases, and how Big Pharma is racing to produce some new and dangerous vaccine. But despite all the panic over Zika, there’s one treatment that isn’t being discussed by anyone except […] Read

Is this the real reason for the mysterious rise in type 1 diabetes?

If you have a child or grandchild with juvenile diabetes, you know that managing it is practically a full-time job. Last year we were told that juvenile, or type 1 diabetes, is on the rise, but nobody really knew why. They thought it might be because of higher birth weights… or some strange virus… or […] Read

Meet Jenny Thompson, Director of the Health Sciences Institute

Jenny Thompson Jenny’s personal road to natural health began like many others -- with one life-changing discovery. But unlike most of those others, Jenny’s awakening wasn’t because of an illness. No, it was the result of an accidental peek behind the curtain of mainstream health “care.” Learn more about Jenny Thompson here.

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