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Acetaminophen top of the list when it comes to liver damage

Two new studies have confirmed (again) that acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, is the most dangerous drug out there. And it doesn’t seem to matter if an ER doctor is giving it to you or you picked up a bottle at your local pharmacy – it can be just as lethal. I’ve told you […] Read

For food allergy sufferers, it's not enough to read labels

If you or someone in your family suffers from food allergies, you may have already found this out the hard way — checking food package labels may not mean a darn thing. All those notices you see that say “may contain traces of…” or “made in a factory with…” are totally voluntary. That’s right, voluntary. […] Read

Don't be fooled by this risky med’s 'longer life' claim

For Big Pharma, the pot of gold isn’t at the end of a rainbow. Instead, it can be found directly at the FDA’s doorstep! But unfortunately, what will soon be bringing in the billions for drugmakers Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim looks like nothing more than a cruel trick being played on those with type […] Read

Rx meds won't help this condition – but resveratrol does!

It’s a devastating condition that strikes around one out of ten women – even adolescent girls. It’s called “PCOS,” and while the most obvious symptoms may seem to be in a woman’s ovaries, this syndrome can affect every part of her body, especially insulin levels. And that can lead right to a diagnosis of type […] Read

This natural substance can stop cancer from spreading

If you or a loved one is fighting cancer, you know how frightening the thought of that cancer spreading, or metastasizing, is. Rounds of radiation or chemo are often used to try and kill cancer cells that may have broken away before they can set up shop again. But while doctors and drugmakers keep searching […] Read

Drinking coffee and tea can slash your risk of dementia!

It turns out that something you probably already do every single day could help ward off dementia – even Alzheimer’s. And in a big way! I’m talking about coffee! More specifically the caffeine in that coffee, something that’s been a past concern related to heart palpitations. But some new research has made several remarkable discoveries, […] Read

How to erase your pain with 4 easy steps!

Tonight’s eAlert is from our newest member of the HSI Advisory Panel, Dr. Joshua Levitt! As I told you last week, Dr. Levitt has been working on something very special for those who are living with chronic pain. So, if you’ve had it with constant headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain – actually pain […] Read

Meet Jenny Thompson, Director of the Health Sciences Institute

Jenny Thompson Jenny’s personal road to natural health began like many others -- with one life-changing discovery. But unlike most of those others, Jenny’s awakening wasn’t because of an illness. No, it was the result of an accidental peek behind the curtain of mainstream health “care.” Learn more about Jenny Thompson here.

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