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Medical miracle for paralysis victims didn't rely on drugs

It's a discovery that offers more than a million paralyzed Americans hope of getting use of their limbs back. And it wasn't accomplished with drugs, but rather something that's been in use for a very long time. Read


The only ways to avoid getting injected with fetal cells

How can you keep your child or grandchild from being forced to take vaccines made with the "residual components" of cells, including the DNA and protein from an aborted baby boy? Read how you can opt out of this shameful practice and its unknown consequences. Read


Deadly diabetes drug still killing after all these years

The dangers of taking this popular drug for type 2 diabetes were kept secret for years. Thousands of users who got cancer from it are now suing, and the first of them has been awarded a huge judgment. Yet it's still being prescribed, and even comes in a generic formula. Read


Massachusetts governor defies FDA, bans deadly new painkiller

Despite being urged by healthcare experts and various state attorneys generals to rescind its approval of this lethal drug, the FDA hasn't budged. Now the Bay State is taking matters into its own hands. Read

Mentioned in the Bible, this ‘miracle' spice can work wonders for your memory -- and your overall health!

When researchers in Egypt wanted to "cure" rats who were deliberately given Alzheimer's disease, you'll never believe what they used. It's found in kitchens around the world, and used to ‘spice up' all kinds of foods! Read

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