1 Sign You'll Die Early

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The danger in being more than sore after exercise

Here’s how trying to get fit too fast can kill you. You might think I’m talking about a heart attack or heat stroke, but I’m not. This particular side effect of pushing yourself beyond what your body is used to doing can land you in the hospital before you know it. And if you don’t […] Read

Deadly liver epidemic can be traced to this common additive

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center are hard at work developing a drug that they say will treat one of the plagues of our time — the epidemic called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD. This devastating disease can strike men, women, and even children. And it can lead right to the deadly […] Read

Could this deadly cancer defense be hiding in your spice rack?

Despite all the stories you might be hearing about better ways to treat cancer in general, the news about pancreatic cancer remains consistently grim. This deadly cancer has a one-year survival rate of only 20 percent. And only 8 percent of those with this feared disease will see five years after being diagnosed. So, when […] Read

Are you putting yourself at risk with multiple meds?

It can start out innocently enough. You go to your doctor for something or other… and before you know it, you’re leaving with an Rx in your hand. But that’s not the end of it — not at all. That drug causes a side effect that needs to be offset by another med. Then there’s […] Read

Brew yourself a cup of this… right away!

Next time you pause for a coffee break, maybe you should think about stopping for a “spot of tea” instead. While I’ve told you a lot of good news recently on the health benefits of that cup of java, some even better news has just come out about tea — specifically, green tea. While regularly […] Read

The scam that could steal your eyesight

It’s the big event happening this summer that will have millions of Americans pausing to gaze at the daytime sky. And if you’re planning to be one of them, there’s a very important precaution you’ll need to take first. I’m talking, of course, about the total solar eclipse, when the moon will pass in front […] Read

Whoops! Getting that yearly flu shot won’t prevent the flu

It’s one of the best-kept secrets in medicine — one your local health department, the CDC, and even your own doctor won’t be telling you! As we head into the flu-shot season, you’ll be told again and again to go get that flu vaccine — just as you were told last year, the year before, […] Read

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