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Breast cancer chemo drugs found to help tumors metastasize

Is chemo just killing cancer cells — or is it killing cancer patients? Researchers have uncovered one of the most frightening findings ever made where mainstream cancer treatments are concerned. It’s something that should have hit the airwaves and Internet superhighway like greased lightning. But this very important research has so far only appeared on […] Read

Study finds best way to help prevent Alzheimer's!

You might say this headline says it all: No aluminum, no Alzheimer’s disease. A new research paper published by one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic outlines some of the most important things you can do to keep this horrific memory-robbing condition at bay. Of course, to hear members of Big Pharma tell […] Read

Deadly IV fluid still being used despite known risks

Medical experts from around the world have joined together to warn about a commonly-used hospital IV fluid that can be deadly. It’s called “hydroxyethyl starch,” or HES — and it’s used to increase “fluid volume” in patients, sometimes during surgery. Even decades ago, when the first HES product came on the market, some doctors were […] Read

Contrast dye used in heart procedures can zap your kidneys

With all the risks that can be involved in medical tests and procedures, here’s one you might not be aware of: “contrast-induced nephropathy.” In plain language, that means a contrast dye injected inside your body can cause kidney failure. And here’s where things get tricky. If you’re undergoing a cardiac catheterization (a.k.a. an angioplasty to […] Read

Urgent: Is your meat or poultry “Made in the USA”?

When you’re selecting some steak or hamburger to cook up for yourself and your family, I bet you would choose meat from the U.S. over a foreign import any day. But due to some outrageous and confusing regulations put into effect by the United States Department of Agriculture, it’s very possible to be tricked into […] Read

These ‘indirect additives’ pose a direct risk to our health

For kids everywhere, and even a lot of us adults, this new finding about one of our favorite comfort foods is downright catastrophic! You may have seen the news reports last week about packaged mac and cheese products turning up with high levels of phthalates — nasty chemicals that disrupt hormones. They’re especially dangerous for […] Read

Certain drugs and sunscreens can up your risk of sun damage

Certainly no one wants to get a bad sunburn. Your skin, after all, is the largest organ of your body, and protecting it is probably at the top of your to-do list when you spend the day outdoors at the pool, at the beach, or on the golf course. But despite your best efforts, there […] Read

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