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Mentioned in the Bible, this ‘miracle' spice can work wonders for your memory -- and your overall health!

When researchers in Egypt wanted to "cure" rats who were deliberately given Alzheimer's disease, you'll never believe what they used. It's found in kitchens around the world, and used to ‘spice up' all kinds of foods! Read


Common ingredient in some OTC drugs linked to early-onset Alzheimer's

Large amounts of a substance long suspected of causing this deadly form of dementia have now been found in the brain of a victim who was exposed to it on a regular basis. Find out what you can do to avoid ingesting this toxic metal, which is also commonly found in some popular brands of antacid. Read


A kid's dose of this common drug is more than enough to poison snakes!

This popular OTC painkiller is so toxic that it's already been used three times to kill invasive snakes on Guam -- in much smaller amounts than are routinely given to children. Read


Study links diet soda consumption to higher heart attack, stroke risk

Researchers found women who drank just a couple diet sodas a day were much more likely to die from heart attacks and strokes than those who didn't. And that's just one more reason to shun this supposedly 'healthy' beverage that actually contains a highly toxic artificial sweetener. Read

The 'superhero' sweetener in your pantry

While Big Pharma spends billions developing new and often risky drugs to fight disease, a powerful natural pathogen fighter has been in our cupboards all along. Read about the amazing health benefits that this delicious everyday product has been found to possess. Read

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