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How to keep stress and anxiety from bringing on type 2 diabetes

You could think of it as a domino effect — one motion sets the whole group falling. Only in this case, it’s your health that starts to tumble out of control. Researchers have found that constant stress can do a lot more harm to your body than you could ever imagine. In fact, it could […] Read

This ONE diet change may stop serious allergic reactions

If you have a child or grandchild with a serious food allergy, you know how frightening it can be. Just one mislabeled meal at a restaurant — or a shared snack in the school cafeteria — can turn into a dangerous situation fast. But now researchers from Australia may have found a way to stop […] Read

DARK Act’s return threatens to kill nation’s first GMO labeling law

The DARK Act may have just come back from the dead — and that’s bad news for all of us. For months I’ve been warning you about this legislation, which would kill labeling of GMO foods. We all worked together to stop the DARK Act from being passed in March — but now a new […] Read

CDC advisers finally admit that much-hyped FluMist doesn’t work

The U.S. government just pulled a $200 million con on millions of Americans. The CDC has issued a warning that one of the most common flu vaccines around doesn’t work. In fact, it’s about as useful as a box of rocks. But there’s one very important piece of information the CDC left out of its […] Read

Seeking relief may be a lifesaver when you start to feel overheated

It can happen to anyone, of any age — but as we get older the risk rises along with the temperature. I’m talking about getting sick from the heat. And that can range from cramps and exhaustion all the way to a deadly heat stroke. That’s why it’s urgent as the summer temps soar to […] Read

Why is this ‘unapproved drug’ being added to so much of our water?

Someone may want to check the temperature in hell — because I think it just froze over. For years I’ve been warning you about the dangers of fluoride in our water. And I told you how it’s been linked to everything from brain problems to cancer. Now, for the first time, the FDA has finally […] Read

How do you know if that new doctor is worthy of your trust?

We all trust our primary care docs with our lives — and, in most cases, have known them for years. But if you’ve recently relocated, received a new insurance plan, or have been referred to a specialist, you may be putting your health in the hands of someone you don’t know very well. You might […] Read

Meet Jenny Thompson, Director of the Health Sciences Institute

Jenny Thompson Jenny’s personal road to natural health began like many others -- with one life-changing discovery. But unlike most of those others, Jenny’s awakening wasn’t because of an illness. No, it was the result of an accidental peek behind the curtain of mainstream health “care.” Learn more about Jenny Thompson here.

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