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Is the AHA actually Big Pharma in sheep’s clothing?

From the outside, the American Heart Association sure looks to be a top-rate charitable organization. But when you chip a little of its carefully constructed coating off, what you’ll soon find is a non-profit that’s really a shill for Big Pharma. And its latest scheme hopes to terrify you into lowering your cholesterol — by […] Read

The sweetener that’s good for your blood sugar!

If you’ve ever tasted stevia, you know that it’s exceptionally sweet. Even just chewing on a leaf from the stevia plant will give you a mouthful of sweetness. But unlike other sweeteners like honey or even brown rice syrup, since it’s not actually a sugar (and isn’t pretending to be one), it won’t raise your […] Read

The last thing you want to do for your allergies

Like lots of people, John took the OTC allergy med Zyrtec for a long time. He started using it to treat hives, and it worked so well he continued for years. But it was when he tried to stop taking it that his real troubles began. He soon started having intolerable itching he described as […] Read

Opioid crisis putting new options on medical map

Not even mainstream medicine and Big Pharma can dispute the fact that the opioid crisis they were responsible for creating has become an unprecedented catastrophe. The numbers are sobering: 91 Americans die every single day from opioids, and that includes people who received an Rx for these drugs directly from their doctors. The CDC reports […] Read

When is prostate cancer most likely to receive radiation?

If you’re a guy with prostate cancer, the treatment your doctor recommends could very well be based on what he owns. No, not his car… or house… or anything like that. I’m talking about medical equipment. Radiation machines, to be exact. Some new research from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, has uncovered […] Read

Is a drug you’re taking on the FDA’s ‘Serious Risk’ list?

How do you know if a drug you’re taking is being “watched” by the FDA because of serious side effects? Unless you consult the agency’s official list of “Potential Signals of Serious Risks,” or unofficially, the “Watch List,” you likely won’t. And neither will your doctor. The Watch List, which gets updated four times a […] Read

Using genetic testing kit a bit like spitting in the wind

As you might know from personal experience, some things are best left to the pros! Where your home is concerned, fixes like electrical repairs, complicated plumbing issues or patching the roof should probably have you asking for referrals instead of reaching for your tool kit. And the same thing applies when it comes to trying […] Read

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