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The smoking gun: Drug-laced placebo pills exposed!

Ever wondered what's really in those "sugar"pills used to test the effects of new meds? Well, it's not sugar. And when an industry insider revealed what was actually in some of those "placebos,"it even shocked experts. Read


Is that pill your doctor prescribed sabotaging your efforts to lose weight?

There's something beside that rich dessert or not exercising enough that could be causing you to put on the pounds. But it's something you're not apt to hear about from dieticians -- or drug companies. Read


How some FDA regulations can actually be a hazard to your health

If you've always been told that the generic version of a drug is no different from its brand name one, that's not always true. Under some old FDA regulations, drug companies that make generics are not allowed to warn users of any new hazards they may find out about. And they also have zero liability if someone gets hurt. Read


Lilies and cats can be a deadly mix

Warning -- If you have any lilies left over from Easter and you have a kitty, move those plants outside ASAP. It takes only the smallest amount of lily pollen to cause acute kidney failure in a feline. Read what varieties are most toxic. Read

New study offers even yet another reason to enjoy a cup of Joe!

It seems that every month or so new health benefits of coffee are coming to light. So get the pot percolating and read about how having a cup or more a day is now believed to help keep a certain kind of cancer away. Read

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