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How to keep that outdoor get-together from ending at the ER

It’s hard to believe Memorial Day is just around the corner! And before you start your holiday festivities, I hope that you take some time to remember those who made the greatest sacrifice of all for our freedoms. I also hope that before you and your friends and family gather at the beach, pool, or […] Read

New findings on BPA make avoiding it more urgent than ever

Two years ago, scientists in California voted unanimously that the toxic plastic additive BPA should be immediately added to the list of chemicals that are known to cause birth defects. That should have meant that soup, veggies and other canned foods whose packaging includes BPA (which is typically used to coat the inside of can […] Read

Could this be the answer to chronic fatigue syndrome?

It wasn’t all that long ago that chronic fatigue syndrome was called the “yuppie flu,” even “mass hysteria.” Actually, it wasn’t until the late 1980s that the CDC even formed a “working group” to discuss the ailment. But about all it decided on was that chronic fatigue syndrome would be a good name. So, it’s […] Read

Diabetes drug can double your chances of losing a limb

The risk of an amputation is one of the scariest complications of having diabetes. The good news about that, however, is that diabetes-related amputations have dropped by around half over the last two decades. That’s said to be due to better foot and wound care and better “diabetes management.” But if you or someone you […] Read

Do you really need knee surgery? Experts say probably not

“If they knew all the evidence, almost nobody would choose to have this surgery.” That’s how Dr. Reed Siemieniuk, a researcher with McMaster University in Toronto, sums up his just-out look at arthroscopic or “keyhole” surgery for degenerative knee diseases — including those very common arthritic knees. Even the doctor himself calls that a “strong” […] Read

More bad news about heart attack risk from OTC pain meds

When experts say a new study shouldn’t worry you, that’s when you should start running! And the latest research on those popular OTC and Rx pain relievers called NSAIDs should have everyone concerned. Especially those who are taking them frequently or even daily. These drugs, which include ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil), naproxen (Aleve), and certain […] Read

Is eating chicken about to get a whole lot riskier?

What came first, the chicken or the beef? If that sounds like a trick question, it is. A way to trick us into serving up some Chinese chicken for dinner! No, I’m not talking about chicken chow mein, but chickens from China. Don’t we have enough chickens in the U.S., you might ask? Yes, of […] Read

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