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The 3 most mysterious words in the Bible... Is THIS what they really mean?

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New class of drugs play a dangerous game of genetic roulette

Big Pharma's newest trick is to use people with life-threatening genetic disorders as lab rats. They're mining, mimicking and exploiting them to develop meds, something that could unleash terrifying, lifelong side effects like nothing we've ever seen in medicine. Read

Warning on toxic mercury fillings kept secret, then squashed

For years we've been told that mercury fillings -- amalgams -- were safe. But now, a new investigation has learned that four years ago FDA scientists drafted an urgent warning to dentists -- an alert that may have spelled the end of dental amalgams in America. Read

Coming soon: the dangerous and risky universal flu vaccine

The universal flu vaccine is the government's latest dangerous plot to jab every man, woman and child it possibly can with a flu shot. Only it could well end up actually creating a dangerous flu outbreak -- like nothing we've ever seen before. Read

Congress moves Dark Act a step closer to reality -- with media's help

When the DARK Act -- legislation that would keep consumers in the dark about Frankenfoods -- passed in the House by a vote of 275-150, most of the mainstream news outlets simply ignored the story. And that just may be part of the plan. Read

New Lilly Alzheimer's med neither a breakthrough nor a cure

A failed drug, one that was tested for 18 months on patients with no results, has somehow been brought back to life under the guise of a new way to treat Alzheimer's. And you won't believe how Eli Lilly plans to try and make it work. Read

Medicare's new way to pay docs shortchanges seniors

The official name is "Bundled Payments for Care Improvement," but it's looking like what that actually means is bargain-basement surgical care and bare-bones follow-up. And it could well be coming to your nearest hospital. Read

Will mandatory shots for day care workers be next in California?

First kids, now adults? If California SB 792 becomes law, for the first time in the U.S. adults will be required to submit to certain vaccinations. Read

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