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AHA reissues discredited -- and dangerous – dietary advice

How is it that bad advice never, ever seems to go away? It simply lurks in the shadows, waiting to reappear at just the right moment. Well, that moment is now, and the advice is about dietary fat — coming from the good old American Heart Association. What the AHA is telling us is little […] Read

Top hospital admits own overuse of antibiotics

Johns Hopkins is one of the nation’s premier hospitals, but where excessive use of antibiotics is concerned, even this prestigious institution can’t seem to get its act together. A recent study done by the hospital’s own researchers on its own patients has found that antibiotic overuse is still the norm. And it’s caused patients to […] Read

New ‘refund’ scheme just another ploy to sell costly drugs

It’s the latest and greatest marketing scheme in Big Pharma land. Drug-industry profiteers have figured out a way to get more doctors to write loads of prescriptions for outrageously priced and risky drugs — and that’s to offer a refund if the products “don’t work.” On its face, that sounds like a big show of […] Read

Aspirin is especially bad medicine once you’ve reached 75

More bad news about aspirin has just come out. Only two weeks ago, I told you about research from the University of Florida that found aspirin won’t do a thing to help narrowed arteries due to plaque buildup — a type of hardening of the arteries called atherosclerosis. Now, British researchers have found that if […] Read

Is this simple nutrient a silver bullet against diabetes?

Have experts found a simple, drug-free way to prevent — and even treat — type 2 diabetes? A group of international researchers recently uncovered something that doesn’t involve the usual type 2 suspects — obesity and genetics. Instead, it has to do with a simple vitamin — one that appears to have a direct connection […] Read

Is that real fiber you’re eating, or is it a laboratory version?

We’ve all been told how important it is to up the amount of fiber in our diets. It’s considered a health bonanza that can help you lose weight, control blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and keep you from starring in a laxative commercial! And fiber is simple enough to find. It’s the non-digestible part of veggies, […] Read

Study finds statins especially risky for seniors

When the dust settles, this could turn out to be the biggest bombshell to ever hit the mainstream’s beloved statin drugs. Actually, it’s a double whammy, striking these meds on two fronts. One throws ice water on the knee-jerk way statin prescriptions are given out to seniors like candy to children, and the other confirms […] Read

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