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Flu not linked to autism -- but flu shots are another story

If you’re pregnant, or even if you know someone who’s expecting, you’ve certainly heard how important getting that flu shot is to protect both mom and baby – even after the baby is born. Why, pregnant women are practically chased down by their doctors to make sure they get one! But at an FDA meeting […] Read

Welcoming Dr. Joshua Levitt to the HSI Advisory Panel!

I’m very excited to introduce you to the newest member of the HSI Advisory Panel, Dr. Joshua Levitt. As you know, the HSI Panel is comprised of world-renowned specialists across all fields of medicine, including alternative practices that focus on healing and healthy living. Our members are some of the most well-informed people there are […] Read

Beware of this newly-approved dangerous diabetes drug duo

There’s a new double-barrel danger pointed right at those with type 2 diabetes. The FDA just approved another diabetes drug, one called Xultophy. However it’s pronounced, it’s a two-headed monster that should never have been allowed on the market. And there’s a back story behind this twofer med, one that you need to know about […] Read

Three big reasons why you should avoid these common drugs

A new study has combined two of the most frightening words there are to anyone over a certain age — hip fractures and Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers are sounding the alarm about the latest in a long history of bad news about drugs called benzodiazepines (or benzos) and the risk of breaking a hip. But […] Read

Aspartame can make you a sitting duck for diabetes

Despite all the bad news you’ve heard about aspartame, you might still think it can help you drop some pounds. After all, it has no calories, right? Well, a new study has hopefully busted that aspartame myth once and for all. Researchers have confirmed that not only won’t it help you lose weight, but aspartame […] Read

The more meds you take, the more likely you'll end up in the ER

Every day more and more seniors are being rushed to the hospital because of side effects from drugs. They’re not the kind of drugs you’d get from a guy on the corner, but at your corner drug store – quite legally, with your doctor’s blessings. And those seniors in the ER had been taking their […] Read

High-risk drug combo hyped as 'cure' for heart disease

Big Pharma is attempting to pull off one of its deadliest scams ever. And with the help of the pharma-friendly mainstream media, it just might succeed. You probably heard the big news last week about a “new” cholesterol drug that can “switch off” heart disease. But this so-called new med is nothing more than a […] Read

Meet Jenny Thompson, Director of the Health Sciences Institute

Jenny Thompson Jenny’s personal road to natural health began like many others -- with one life-changing discovery. But unlike most of those others, Jenny’s awakening wasn’t because of an illness. No, it was the result of an accidental peek behind the curtain of mainstream health “care.” Learn more about Jenny Thompson here.

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