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FDA sued over hiding info on its ‘expert’ drug consultants

It’s like a game of hide-and-go-seek – one we always lose. For years the FDA has been relying on so-called “advisory panels” to help it make life-or-death decisions about whether to approve new drugs. These are doctors and researchers who are supposed to be top experts in their fields. We’ve been promised that they’re independent, […] Read

Healthy seniors suckered into longevity study with risky diabetes med

For countless seniors, it’s become like dashing off a letter to Santa Claus. Dr. Nir Barzilai is being flooded daily with letters and phone calls from seniors who are practically begging to be part of his new clinical trial. And it’s all because Dr. Barzilai and his colleagues are claiming they may have found the […] Read

Pharma-friendly law puts everyone who takes a generic drug at risk

For years Big Pharma has been hiding a deep, dark secret about generic drugs. And it’s one that could harm – or even kill – you or someone you care about. We’ve all been told that generics are cheaper and exactly the same as brand-name meds. But drug companies are finding new and potentially deadly […] Read

The real culprits behind the dangerous double mastectomy boom

It can be fun to imitate our favorite celebrities’ hair styles – or the latest fashion they wore on the red carpet. But when we start copying celebrities’ medical decisions, we could be setting ourselves up for disaster. Three years ago, I warned you about something doctors were calling the “Angelina Jolie Effect.” After the […] Read

Laundry ‘poison’ pods sending thousands of kids to the ER

When those so-called detergent “pods” hit the market a few years back, they were supposed to make our lives easier. Just pop one in the washing machine or dishwasher, and off you go – no measuring, no mess. But it turns out those pods are causing a different – and tragic — mess all their […] Read

Lawsuit names former FDA head in alleged scheme to cover up drug risk

It may be the most dangerous antibiotic in the world. And for years our government hasn’t lifted a finger to protect us from it. I’ve warned you before about Levaquin, part of a potentially deadly class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. Over the years, Levaquin has been linked to aneurysms, Alzheimer’s, crippling pain, and more. Now […] Read

Researchers find how HFCS damages the brain – and an antidote

Could you actually be eating your way to Alzheimer’s disease? If you still haven’t ditched fructose from your diet, you just may be. For years I’ve been warning you that fructose – especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – has been linked to everything from heart attacks to liver disease to cancer. Now researchers from […] Read

Meet Jenny Thompson, Director of the Health Sciences Institute

Jenny Thompson Jenny’s personal road to natural health began like many others -- with one life-changing discovery. But unlike most of those others, Jenny’s awakening wasn’t because of an illness. No, it was the result of an accidental peek behind the curtain of mainstream health “care.” Learn more about Jenny Thompson here.

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