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The HSI e-Alert is a FREE instant health alert service, rushing you the most important health news the moment it happens.

In the e-Alert, HSI Director Melissa Young rushes you the most important health news the moment it happens. Her e-Alerts briefed readers on the Vioxx heart-attack risk 3 years before the recall -- and showed them a miraculous Tibetan circulatory medicine 4 years before others picked up on it.

Every weekday, you'll learn something new that just might save a life tomorrow. Through strong word of mouth, more than 500,000 readers worldwide get Melissa's latest updates. Now it is your chance to be the first to know about most recent breakthroughs in natural medicine -- and urgent new threats to your health.

Through the HSI e-Alert you'll discover advances in complementary and alternative medicine like...

  • An effective treatment for arthritis that could be hiding in your spice rack
  • A natural cancer-killing compound that was hidden for seven years by one of America's billion-dollar drug companies
  • The true culprit in heart disease (Hint: it is NOT cholesterol and it can't be treated with statin drugs)

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