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10 BONUS hours of sleep a week… in just 14 days? Here’s how one group of seniors hit the JACKPOT

These days, there are SO many things that can keep you up at night every now and then. 

I’m not just talking about too much light in the room… or noisy neighbors… or that late-night snack that’s still gurgling in your belly.  

Occasionally, you could be wide awake… even in the MIDDLE of the night… with worries about moneyhealthfamily, and more.  

The world could be going to “hell in a handbasket”… 

And your body seems determined to NOT sleep through it.  

Too often, OTC sleep aids do NOTHING to help quell those racing thoughts… and help you get the restful sleep you deserve.  

But instead of tossing and turning… it IS possible to get some rejuvenating shuteye 

Because one of the most brilliant minds in medicine today has developed a breakthrough formula to help those who find themselves lying WIDE AWAKE in bed. 

It could help you fall asleep FASTER… and even help you sleep BETTER 

2 ways to stop staring at the ceiling 

There’s one thing that most folks don’t understand about getting a good night’s rest… 

You need the RIGHT balance of hormones! 

And if you’re getting poor sleep… it could be because certain key hormones related to sleep are UNBALANCED.  

I’m talking about two in particular, the… 

  1. “sleep” hormone 
  2. “stress” hormone. 

As we get older, levels of the first one could take a NOSEDIVE… while levels of the second one could SPIKE 

Those imbalances could contribute to occasional anxiety and stress 

And they could keep you awake long after you’d like to be asleep! 

But here’s the good news… 

If you REBALANCE these “out of whack” hormones, you can fall asleep faster… and stay asleep longer. 

And that’s exactly what this new breakthrough formula can do.  

It’s called Restful PM — and it comes from HSI’s own Dr. Richard Gerhauser 

One of the superstar ingredients he’s included in it is a fruit extract that’s an incredible natural source of the “sleep hormone,” melatonin 

That’ll help you rest easier.  

In one study, a group of seniors who drank this extract for just 2 weeks got an average of 84 EXTRA MINUTES of sleep every night.   

How would you feel if you could get 10 MORE HOURS of sleep a week… or more… just like the folks in that study I mentioned 

You might think that anyone couldn’t ask for more than what this fruit extract provided in that study — an extra 1 hour and 24 minutes of sleep.  

But Restful PM outdoes itself by helping to balance the SECOND hormone that’s critical to getting your Zzzzs 

I’m talking about keeping your levels of the “stress hormone”… or cortisol… in check.  

Restful PM includes a special “mind-relaxing” ingredient that can do the trick. 

One study used this same method of balancing cortisol… and it helped folks fall asleep TWICE AS FAST as those who didn’t.  

It could even help you get that DEEP SLEEP that we all hope for.  

Are you ready to take the first step toward relaxing more easily… so you can sleep better and longer?  

You could try to RESET your sleep on your own 

But if you get the WRONG STUFF, it just won’t work! 

Make sure you’re getting the RIGHT ingredients… in the RIGHT amounts. 

Claim your supply of Restful PM by clicking right here.