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Prostate problems REVERSED with rye grass pollen extract

Don’t give up on your prostate until you try this crazy ‘cereal trick’

You feel tender and swollen “down there”…

And it’s getting in the way of going to the bathroom properly.

You’re in so much pain, you don’t want anybody to touch you “below the belt” – not even with a 10-foot pole!

That sure does a number on your love life.

Whether your prostate is ENLARGED (a.k.a. benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH for short)… or INFLAMED (a.k.a. prostatitis)…

There’s a way to EASE the pain… and RESTORE the health of your prostate.

It’s even shown to have a 70% success rate !

And it’s so natural… it’s been shown to have ZERO serious side effects.

You don’t want to take any chances with your privates.

Here’s the Swedish secret that’s been soothing men in TURMOIL for over 60 years.

6 ways to PERFECT prostate health

In Sweden, you’ll find vast meadows of rye grass (Secale cereale) growing throughout the country.

It may be a cereal grain

But it’s the rye grass seed pollen extract that’s a prostate hero!

In fact, it’s one of the most popular ways to support prostate health… outside of the U.S.

Dr. Eric Ask-Upmark  gave this pollen extract to a prostate patient in Sweden in the late 1950s… and published his findings in 1960.

But scientists didn’t really start paying attention to how well it worked — until one groundbreaking study in 1990  showed that the pollen extract BEAT a widely accepted and commonly used prostate formula.

In the last several decades, we’ve discovered how rye grass works in several ways to REVERSE the upheaval caused by prostate problems.

It all boils down to 6 main actions…

  1. RELIEVES pelvic pain
  2. BEATS BACK inflammation in part by inhibiting the release of inflammatory substances called leukotrienes
  3. SHRINKS prostate size by slowing the overgrowth of cells
  4. IMPROVES urine flow, including REDUCING amount of leftover urine, by CONTRACTING the bladder’s smooth muscle and RELAXING your urethra
  5. CALMS frequent nighttime urination (a.k.a. nocturia), and
  6. BOOSTS bedroom performance.

Add all those up… and your quality of life could SKYROCKET!

In one study, it took just 12 weeks  for the pollen extract to significantly improve MULTIPLE symptoms.

That means you could be feeling better… or maybe even ALL BETTER… by summertime!

And your symptoms could START disappearing even sooner…

But not unless you start taking rye grass right away.

Fortunately, you can get a patented, standardized extract called Graminex  in the supplement aisle at your local health food store or online.

Its maker has included in a prostate support supplement sold under the brand name PollenAid .

You can also find Graminex as the active ingredient in Life Extension’s Triple Strength ProstaPollen .

To reclaiming your manhood,

Melissa Young