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UltiCardio 24 could be the ultimate heart health formula

Nobel Prize-winning science helps create heart health solution [The wait is over!]


After all these years of searching… waiting… and even PRAYING…

It’s finally here.

A COMPLETE heart health solution – one that’s BACKED by science!

It comes from a type of crystal

But this is no “New Age” scam or dark arts hocus-pocus.

These crystals help TRIGGER a heart health mechanism that’s backed by Nobel Prize-winning research… and studies by prestigious universities.

And almost NOBODY has thought to use these crystals to improve heart health


Fortunately, HSI’s own Dr. Allan Spreen has been paying attention to this game-changer.

Known widely as “America’s Nutrition Physician,” Dr. Spreen knows firsthand how CONFUSING and FRUSTRATING all the conflicting advice about heart health can be.

And if you want to keep your heart in tip-top shape… that is, if you want to enjoy your Golden Years… there’s something you should know.

The mainstream media has accidentally gotten the most common heart health advice DEAD WRONG.

Imagine kicking back your feet… smiling… knowing that at least ONE measure of your heart health is the best it’s been in a long time!

Here’s how it could be possible.

Do THIS… then watch your doc’s reaction

Now, you might wonder why you haven’t heard of these crystals before.

It’s because they FOOLED scientists for decades. Researchers had NO IDEA they were the answer to helping keep a heart healthy.

Fortunately, a small group of researchers FINALLY started investigating deeper into the science.

And it’s completely changed how science looks at heart health.

Because it turns out the real secret to helping maintain good heart health is focusing on your blood flow.

Your heart needs big, wide veins and arteries for perfect blood flow…

And according to the latest science, those crystals I mentioned earlier hold the secret to helping your arteries stay wide and open… and helping your body get life-giving blood.

Imagine feeling more energized


Isn’t that what life with a healthy heart is supposed to be like?

Now, 3 American scientists won the prestigious Nobel Prize for this discovery.

Specifically, they found how the body can send a signal to improve its own heart health

And these crystals are connected to that signal.

In a small clinical study, they gave men and women teeny-tiny amounts of these crystals in the form of juice…

And they witnessed blood pressure improving in just 3 hours.

That’s not all…

Because the numbers showed blood pressure improving up to 11 points after just 6 hours.

Here’s where Dr. Spreen steps in…

He used his connections as a medical doctor to get his hands on these crystals… which easily fit into a little, natural pill.

And he’s making it available to eAlert readers like you, so you can conveniently take it on a daily basis… starting right now.

He’s chosen these crystals as the superstar ingredient in his new formula from NorthStar Nutritionals, called UltiCardio 24.

It’s the ultimate 24-hour solution for your entire cardiovascular system.

Your heart… veins… AND arteries.

We KNOW perfect blood pressure is now possible…

So get ready to give your doc the biggest surprise of his day.

What the heck is your secret? He’ll ask.

But it’s up to you whether you tell him about the crystals in UltiCardio 24… or the other ingredients it contains that help make it the ULTIMATE in heart health support.

It could very well be the HEALTHIEST heart health formula ever created!

Find out about all the other “secret weapons” Dr. Spreen has added to UltiCardio 24… and reserve a bottle of your own… by clicking here.

To the best doctor’s visit of your life,
Melissa Young

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Thanks in part to Nobel Prize-winning science, it’s the exact formula you need… so you can STOP thinking about your heart health… and ENJOY your life.