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INCINERATE at least 10 lbs of PURE fat... with this 1 tiny change

You spend your days eating like a bird… and counting your steps until your head spins.

But no matter what you do… your scale hasn’t budged in weeks.

It’s not your fault.

Because there’s a nasty enzyme that SABOTAGES your best efforts to lose that “stuck” weight.

That’s the REAL reason why old, stubborn fat stays LOCKED onto your belly, hips and thighs.

Fortunately, there’s something that helps “shut off” this biological switch

WITHOUT extreme dieting or exhausting exercise!

It’s a fat-dissolving formula.

Imagine your worst problem areas… SHRINKING… like magic!

It would be like hitting the “Delete” key on a HUGE amount of stubborn body fat.

This is a life-changing breakthrough for anyone struggling to lose excess weight…

And all it takes is making just ONE simple adjustment.

QUADRUPLE your fat-burning potential

It’s called Citrulean — and it helps take your weight-loss efforts to the NEXT LEVEL!

You see, you DON’T have to change your diet… or spend hours at the gym… to see REAL RESULTS.

That’s because your fat is TRAPPED

And you need something that will UNLOCK it so your body can use it as energy… and it can MELT away.

That brings us to the “fat-storing” enzyme, called PDE4.

Many seniors make too much PDE4, which BLOCKS your body’s ability to burn DEEP, STUBBORN FAT.

But a component of Citrulean helps NEUTRALIZE this enzyme.

Shut PDE4 off FOR GOOD… and you could turn your body into a FAT-BURNING MACHINE.

It could even help melt the stubborn fat that CLINGS to waists and hips!

And once you unlock that trapped fat… you could keep it OFF.

In a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study (the “gold standard”), overweight volunteers took this magic compound over the course of 3 months.

By the end of the study, they’d lost a full TEN POUNDS of PURE BODY FAT… and shrank their waistlines FOUR TIMES MORE than the placebo group.

And they did it WITHOUT changing their diet or lifestyle.

So what is this groundbreaking, fat-burning ingredient contained in Citrulean?

It’s actually a combination of 4 potent active nutrients extracted from exotic fruits found around the warm Mediterranean Sea.

Fortunately, French scientists found a way to isolate the compounds… and combine them in a PERFECT ratio that shuts down PDE4 enzyme.

They called this special 4-fruit formula “Sinetrol.”

And it’s the superstar ingredient of the Citrulean formula.

But it’s not the ONLY ingredient…

Because Citrulean also contains something that has been clinically shown to help ACCELERATE metabolism… by more than 500%.

And this second ingredient could even add a bit of lean muscle to your body.

The science is crystal clear.

Now, Citrulean comes from Gold Leaf Nutritionals, a leading nutraceutical research and development firm that shares the same parent company as HSI andeAlert.

I personally pledge that you’ll be THRILLED with how your health improves when you try it. That means Citrulean comes with ZERO risk.

Taking Citrulean couldn’t be easier. It’s just 2 small capsules a day.

And that’s all you need to do to STOP struggling on your own!

After that, just wait to see how this slimmer, leaner you is here to stay.

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